Weekly Update 10-9-20

Weekly Update 10-8-20

Parents, please do not forget that if you are dropping off and/or picking up your swimmers from practices, you will need to wear a mask if you get out of your car for the whole time you are out of your car.  We need to be very conscious of setting the example for our swimmers so that we can continue to use the High School facility.  Because of the pandemic and state guidelines, even though you may be outside, we were granted access to use the school as long as our members followed wearing masks while we are on school property.  This also helps us protect all of our athletes, coaches, and families from potential contracting of COVID.  If you are one that isn’t comfortable wear a mask outdoors, please remain in your vehicle and pull up to the curb to wait for your swimmer to come out.  Let you swimmer know to look for your car and go directly to it.  If you have any questions about this policy, please see me at practices or shoot me an email.


Upcoming Meetings / Dates:

  • Parent Meeting – Monday, October 19th – This is not a formal meeting but just a meeting with any parents that wish to attend to ask questions of Coach John.  We will hold this outside the north pool entrance door (metal door) at 5:30 pm, weather permitting.  Attending parents will need to wear a mask and maintain 6 feet of social distancing.

Upcoming Deadlines / Meet Sign Ups:

    • The meets on our schedule will be confirmed and announced as soon as we hear from the meet hosts.  Due to COVID concerns and the fluid situation of this pandemic, some meets on our schedule may not actually take place.



  • THIS MONTH…..October Birthday’s
    • Elite Group
      • Cadence Pearce – 10/26 – 16 yrs old
      • Matthew Dumbsky – 10/29 – 17 yrs old
    • Platinum Group
      • Carter Trippeer – 10/30 – 13 yrs old
    • Gold Group
      • Nicol Zunno – 10/4 – 14 yrs old
      • Joe Bojda – 10/16 – 13 yrs old
    • Silver Group
      • Gabe Mason – 10/5 – 14 yrs old
      • AJ Sandilla – 10/9 – 10 yrs old
      • Aubrie Bood – 10/10 – 9 yrs old
      • Giuliana Munson – 10/20 – 11 yrs old
      • Samuel McLennan – 10/27 – 13 yrs old
    • Bronze Group
      • Stella Stimac – 10/23 – 8 yrs old
      • Marley Hunter – 10/28 – 8 yrs old


Top Dogs for the CPSC TYR Elite Intrasquad

  • Each meet we like to recognize our Top Dogs (swimmers who have the highest average time drop).  Congrats to the following swimmers for our Age Group Intrasquad…..
    • Yohanna Calzonzi – Elite Girls & Top Dog TEAM8.575 avg drop
    • Andrew Panozzo – Elite Boys – 5.535 avg drop

Top Dogs for the CPSC TYR Age Group Intrasquad:

  • Congrats to the following swimmers for our Age Group Intrasquad…..
    • Coral Cosme – Bronze Girls – 9.3867 avg drop
    • Cooper Frigo – Bronze Boys – 10.443 avg drop
    • Amelia Ahern – Silver Girls & Top Dog TEAM12.363 avg drop
    • AJ Sandilla – Silver Boys – 6.34 avg drop
    • Tiffany Walsh – Gold Girls – 4.75 avg drop
    • Alex Tothfalusi – Gold Boys – 2.6067 avg drop
    • Emily Yadron – Platinum Girls – 3.2067 avg drop
    • William Tarin – Platinum Boys – 0.64 avg drop
    • Team Total = 62.80% Best Times



  • ATHLETE CODE OF CONDUCT – We are still missing a few Code of Conducts!  Swimmers and parents need to read, sign, and turn in the Athlete Code Of Conduct to Coach John AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  This is located on the Registration Forms tab on the website here….. Athlete Code of Conduct
  • Because of meet cancellations, we will have Friday practices on the following dates….
    • Friday, October 16th – VSC Meet will still be held on Saturday & Sunday
    • Friday, October 23rd – HHSC Pumpkin Plunge Invitational cancelled
    • Friday, November 6th – MSC Steve Burse SYOA Invitational cancelled
    • As we are notified of future meet cancellations, we will pass that along.
  • Due to a running family obligation, Coach Val, who works with the Bronze and Silver group kids has informed us that she is stepping down as assistant coach at this time.  We are hopeful that she will be able to return in the near future to continue the GREAT work she has done with our younger swimmers.  We are currently talking with possible replacements at this time and will keep everyone up to date as soon as we can.
  • REMINDER TO ALL ELITE GROUP PARENTS / SWIMMERS….any swimmer who is turning 18 is required by USA Swimming to complete the Athlete Protection Training course at the following link…  If any swimmer does not complete the course by the time they turn 18, subsequent meet results will not be submitted to USA Swims database and times from meets will not count.