A message From Todd - Dryland

Greetings Wahoo Parents and Swimmers,

Although it is only our first week of the fall kickoff to our outstanding Dryland conditioning program , and many of you may not even be aware it is underway, I felt compelled to address the topic so all of you can begin taking advantage of this great opportunity.

 If your swimmers are in Super Squad or Super Bronze, this is something they can anticipate as they move up the ladder through the Wahoo training squads, something that will be very rewarding for us and for them! 

You can find the Wahoo Dryland Schedule on our homepage under " Practices" - print it out along with the swim practice schedule and post it somewhere you can reference it until you are in the habit of knowing your swimmers schedule.

Many of you may not know that it is our EXPECTATION that your swimmer(s) participate regularly.  It is part of your swimmers competitive journey and development within the Wahoos, and Dryland is an intergral part of their swimming conditioning and should be attended on a regular basis.

As coaches, it is suprising to us, to see so many swimmers in the water at practice, and so few raise their hands when asked if they attended Dryland. That being said, it is equally suprising to see so many swimmers headed to the parking lot following a practice when dryland is scheduled after practice.

Naturally, since it was the first week for Dryland, this may have been a scheduling and planning issue which can be rectified. You now know that it is happening, and where to find the schedule!

The question I am gently raising here.. is... If it is part of the program, and it is a built in part of your swimmers program fees, Why are not more swimmers taking advantage of it ? It is part of their practice and should attended if at all possible.

Lastly, it is important to understand how hard our YMCA has been financially hit due to COVID19 and the expenses incurred during our wonderful renovation. Many families are struggling as well.  

The Dryland program is a valued expense to The Wahoos and should be fully taken advantage of by great numbers of swimmers. Otherwise it is not money well invested.

Taking all this into consideration. I hope you found this information helpful. Moving ahead, we are looking forward to a great experience for your swimmers as they ramp up their fitness levels through our exceptional dryland programs being offered.


All my best,

Todd Stevens

Director of Competitive Aquatics

Wilton Y Wahoos