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Intersquad Information

Intersquad Information! 

Starting 10/19 we will have our first Intersquad Meet of the season! Yay! Racing! 

Please click here for the full meet information - CLICK HERE! 

You will need to log into the website to view the information as well as to DECLINE participation. 
As we are running this during our practice time at OLPH, we are limited to only 12 athletes at a time. Detailed timeline information is located on the event page. 
We have COMMITTED all athletes to participate in the event, so the only thing you will need to do is DECLINE entry, if they are not going to be able to attend.

If your athlete is nervous about competition - don't worry - it's going to be a very low key affair and more like a workout (especially for our newer swimmers) than a formal meet.
Plus everyone gets their team t-shirt for their NTA House! Rosters are also located on the event homepage. 
The Teams are...
Spellbound Sawtooth
Ghastly Ghost Sharks
Magical Mackerels

The coaches are the Bewitched Bullheads...

The next two intersquad dates have also been posted to the website with more information to follow soon!