Florida AAU Fall Championship Update (Important Info)

Hi All,

I wanted to take a moment to clarify the procedures for the upcoming CAT meet next weekend. This is a tad different from “normal” year round meets, but then again, we are all learning to bob and weave in 2020. Here are the details:


  1. This is an AAU sanctioned meet. That means anyone who is AAU registered is allowed to participate. Any AG1 + swimmer who took part in the summer AAU virtual swim meets is already 2021 AAU registered, so there is no additional annual AAU registration cost to participate. We should have a lot of swimmers already AAU registered and are ready to participate in this event.

  2. All swimmers must be AAU registered to participate. If you are a USA Swimming registered athlete, but not AAU, you will need to become AAU registered to participate. The cost for 2020/21 (until 8/30/21) is $16 per year. If you register for this meet, and are not currently AAU registered, we will register you with that organization and charge your account accordingly. Please understand this prior to declaring yes or no. We will be participating and hosting a variety of AAU events this season. This is a very small investment to make to be a part of these events moving forward.

  3. This is a USA Swimming “Observed”: event. This means that dual enrolled swimmers (both AAU & USAS) will have their times count in the USAS SWIM Database. This is important for higher level meets, such as FLAGS, JUNIOR NATIONALS and OLYMPIC TRIALS. For most novice or newer swimmers, an AAU registration is sufficient to start. We will add more USAS event options throughout the year so this will become important post AG1 and as the season progresses.. The host club is charging an additional $10 per swimmer to have their times included in the USAS SWIMS database. If your child is USAS registered and DO NOT want the times to count in the SWIMS database, please add a note in your declaration indicating that for us. We will assume that all dual enrolled swimmers would like to be added to the database and will charge the additional $10 fee.

  4. Since there was much to clarify, we will extend the sign up period until tomorrow, Saturday October 9th.

So those were the details that we wanted to clarify. Here are some more things to consider regarding this meet.

Who should go - Everyone from AG1 and up. There are 25s and 50s of each stroke, so there is something for every skill and experience level. Other distances, as well as IMs, will be offered for those with more experience. This is a two (2) day meet. Take advantage of these opportunities and enter both days, if possible.

What To Expect - We are attending this meet for a variety of reasons. The first is that this event will be held in an indoor facility. We have had too few meets since the spring and we did not want weather to be an issue. For the younger and newer swimmers, we are looking for advances in each swimmer’s technical prowess. Starts, turns, stroke efficiency, etc are the goals. If that also means best times, great. We would rather see a more efficient swimmer than one who is faster, but with poor technique. For the older swimmers, the focus is also on improved technique. That said, we are also looking for fast times. This is, of course, a different kind of season. We have been fortunate to have had a great summer of aerobic work. Since we are still not sure what the future brings, we have modified our seasonal plan to offer three series of three month macrocycles post summer training. In essence, we are building up each three weeks and resting one prior to an event in September (Haines City), October (CAT) and November (TBA/varied based on level). While this is not our usual plan, we wanted to ensure that the swimmers had opportunities for peak performances early on in case we had another local outbreak. 

What To Bring - Weather dependent clothes, extra towels, healthy snacks and drinks and a great attitude! 

Meet Info - You can learn more about the specific, times, costs, ect by clicking the link below:

Meet Information Letter

Please keep in mind that an additional $15 Deck fee will be added to each swimmer’s final cost.

Spectators - I am trying to get some clarification regarding spectators. There may be some spectator passes that we can use to shuttle people in and out as their children swim. We can also set up tents and socially distance in one of the parking lots outside the facility (which is all glass so you can see inside from outside). The hosts may also use the adjacent indoor gym to broadcast the meet with spaces marked for social distance purposes.  As soon as I know, I will pass that info on to the swamily.

Other Considerations - This will be the first time in a while that we will swim in a meet with multiple teams. There will be four (4) teams in attendance total. Ourselves, CAT, GTSA and Team Velocity. This means that the swimmers should have enough competition to make the event more of a challenge than our previous dual meet. The pool is close enough from here to make the commute easy and splitting up the days into two (2) sessions will limit the amount of people on deck. I know that some people will have reservations about being on deck with more people than we have in the past. I understand, If that is what you feel is in the best interest of your family, don’t go. Know that the host is doing everything possible to maintain a fun, yet safe, environment for all involved.

Questions / Concerns - Since the deadline is fast approaching, if you have questions please TEXT me at (813) 846-8352.

This has been a crazy year, no doubt. We have been working hard to try and give our athletes the best possible experience regardless of outside forces. Attending a multi team, multi day event will go a long way to adding another piece of normalcy back to their lives. Yes, it is important for the swimmers to get up and race other athletes from multiple teams. To me, it is even more important to recapture the feel of a pre March world. The quicker we can get into our old mindsets, the quicker we will heal; both individually and as a society as a whole. I hope you will attend for that reason alone.

See you at the pool - Rich