Dolphin Families Update

Dear Dolphin Families-


This is an email update regarding the occurance of a swimmer at Gold's Gym who tested positive for Covid. 


For those families with swimmers at  WOW we are including everyone in this email for the sake of transparency and to make families aware of our policies.


Per the county guidelines, Board of Health Contact Tracing goes from 48 hours prior to a positive test result.  This standard is being used by both Dutchess and Putnam counties.  The swimmer who tested positive attended practice at Gold’s Gym on 10/5 and tested positive on 10/8.   The swimmer was asymptomatic when attending practice.


Per Dutchess County Board of Health, Monday night is outside of the contact tracing timeline.  As a board, we still felt it was prudent to make families aware of this potential exposure.  This is the teams first experience with an exposure, and our priority is the health and safety of our swimmers and families.


As a precaution, the board is recommending but not requiring testing of swimmers who attended practice at Gold’s Gym on 10/5.  Quarantine for 14 days is not required by county guidelines, but close monitoring of your children is recommended.


The cohort that swims Monday/Thursday at Gold’s Gym will be on pause until 10/19.


Per the facility rules, in order to return to practice any swimmer with a positive test must:


  1. have a subsequent test with a negative test result, and
  2. wait 14 days after that subsequent negative test result to return to the facility.


We will do everything possible to provide information in real-time to the best of our ability.


Thank you!

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