Parent Meeting Notes and Zoom Recording

Below are some rough notes of topics discussed at the Zoom parent meeting that was held Tuesday, October 6.  Also we've included a link to the Zoom recording.  Passcode: 1QK!ra1=

Parent Zoom Meeting, Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Welcome!  Thank you for joining.  Welcome to another great season for the Stingrays!  Welcome to all of the new families joining us this year.


Website: lots of important information, make sure you can log in to website.  Events section for meets, year-round team tab, practice schedule, practice calendar.  Team Feed, OnDeck app for mobile devices. Link to policies on homepage. Please be careful and appropriate when posting on social media, Facebook parent page.  Please use email for questions as opposed to Facebook

Schedule: permanent schedule starting Oct. 19, outside in bubble for most part – basically back to normal.  Lots of water time, quality stroke instruction and training time. 

Meets: meets are coming, distance meet this weekend. KEY meet Oct. 23-25, up in the coming days, virtual. Hopefully in-person meets starting in November.  Fees charged Friday after meet.

Payment: payments will be put in over the next 2 weeks.  Give us a little time, want to make sure it’s accurate. Can pay up front or in payments.  1st payment in October, last in March.  For whole year.  USA Swimming fee add on.  Email Coach Heidi if your swimmer is not in a Plus group and you would like them to be USA Swimming registered. More information soon.

Personnel: Patrick leaving.  Job postings already up and applications coming in for new aquatics director.  Working to add more coaches, have a couple prospects.  Hope to announce in next 2 weeks. 

Board: Small group of parents working behind the scenes.  Parent support group this year, growing into a booster group next year.  Jeremy, Eric, Eric, Chastity.

Covid Policies – stay basically the same.  6ft, masks, etc.  Everyone doing a very good job.  Biggest adjustment is determining 6ft for 15 min. if someone tests positive.  Swimmer is sent home from school, one week out or negative test if remain symptom free. 

Apparel: See team suits and equipment page on website.  Need team suit.  Caps are in mailboxes, big thanks to Kelly Fada for organizing that.  Need kickboard.  Junior pull buoy.  Plus groups snorkel.  Free shipping by Oct. 15.

Stingray Buddies: Way for kids to support each other.  Just 10 & Unders to start.  Letter and list will be posted/sent out soon.