The Week Ahead 2020-2021 (#6)

 In this Week Ahead: 

  • Practice News:
  • Facility News:
  • Registration News:
  • Account Information
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Practice News: 

All practices schedules have been updated on the TIBU website. Click Here

TIBU Azul practice for Friday has been changed: Practice will be from 5:15-7:00pm

Facility News: 

Quince Orchard Swim & Tennis Club:

  • Inclement Weather Policy: As an Air Dome is a non-permanent structure, safety guidelines require that the bubble close for thunder/lightning and for high winds.  The guidelines for thunder closures are the same as those for your summer pool:  the pool remains closed for 45 minutes following the last audible thunderclap. If this should happen during a practice, coaches will supervise the children in evacuating the bubble and practice will be cancelled (Pre-Covid allowed us to wait out the closure in an indoor room, however this is no longer possible given the current health crisis.)   If the weather forecast calls for high winds (gusts of 35mph or higher), Quince Orchard is likely to close as a precautionary measure.

Bender JCC of Greater Washington

  • Inclement Weather Policy: Outdoor pool will follow the same safety guidelines set forth by the county. 

    • When the air temperature does not reach or exceed 32 degrees (freezing) or when the wind chill is 25 degrees or below, the outdoor pool will be closed. 
    • The pool will be closed when conditions such as fog above the water line, snow, sleet or freezing rain prevent the staff from clearly viewing swimmers in the water. 
    • The outdoor pool will be closed when the Aquatics Director, Chief Operating Officer or Chief Executive Officer determines that unsafe conditions exist and may affect staff and/or members. 

Registration News: 

After two weeks of our indoor schedule we feel that we can accommodate some additional swimmers. Registration will remain closed however we are allowing additional swimmers in the following groups; Celeste Plus, Verde, Jr. Developmental & High School Prep. Any swimmer interested in participating in the indoor season please contact info@swimtibu.com for registration details. 

For the 2020-2021 Season all swimmers MUST be registered with USA-Swimming this is a change from previous seasons. As part of the agreement between MoCo Health Dept and MoCo PVS teams all swimmers regardless of swim group will be registered with Potomac Valley/USA-Swimming for this season. 

If your child was previously registered with USA-Swimming and is new to TIBU please fill out the swimmer transfer form and submit it to Potomac Valley. Click Here

Additional Information:


The purpose of this award is to emphasize the importance of scholastic achievement through a program that recognizes the scholastic excellence of Potomac Valley swimmers. 

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all PVS/USA Swimming athletes who: 

  • 1. Have completed grade 9, 10, 11 or 12 during 2019-2020; 
  • 2. Have attained a 3.5 or higher grade point average (GPA) for the 2019-2020 school year; AND
  • 3. Have achieved a 3.5, or higher, Event Standard Average in a minimum of five events. NOTE: a maximum of two (2) ‘B’ times or one (1) ‘C’ time are permitted. 

TIBU Team Apparel 

Competition Level Swimmers will receive: 2 Team T-Shirts, 1 Silicone Cap, and 1 Latex Cap

Previous Season Shirts are available in various sizes $10.00

TIBU Team Caps:

  • Latex Original Logo: $3.00 (available in: Navy)
  • Latex New Logo: $4.00 (available in: Navy)
  • Silicone Original Logo: $12.00 (available in: White, Black, Silver, Royal Blue only 3 left
  • Silicone New Logo: $16.00 (available in: White, Navy, Silver)

To order items please include the following information: Athlete Name and group, Qty & shirt size. For caps: Design (original or new), Silicon or Latex & color  ORDER HERE