Weekly Update 10/13/2020

 Thank you for the responses to the email about those affected with Rockwood going back to inperson school for grade 3-5 tomorrow. I know that this is going to be effecting our Dolphins groups. 

We are working on a solution and we will have that out in a few days. We need to get approval and make sure that we have staffing from the powers that be. For the time being, I understand that kids may be late, we will just be patient with each other and do the best that we can do and role with thing. This year has is teaching us all patience if nothing else!

I plan to do our first test set of the year today at practice for those who are at practice this afternoon. It should be a fun practice that the kids will have a chance to push themselves!

I will send out some new exercises out for dryland tomorrow. I need to get some recorded and edited that I want the kids to do since I can't find video of exactly the right sequences that I want them to do next.