Stingrays Mid-Week Update - PRACTICE SCHEDULE INFO and more!

Good morning, Stingray Nation!

Two quick things:

The pool pump at the YMCA is being replaced TODAY. Today, Wednesday October 14, practice is still at Beechview. Tomorrow, Thursday October 15, we will return to the normal practice schedule at the YMCA. Forgot what that was? No can always find the practice schedule here.

Today is Prime Day, and for reasons that are unclear (but I don't really mind) Arena is having a sale on their website, which specifically includes a 60% discount on Carbon Flex and Carbon Ultra Tech Suits. That's a pretty crazy good deal, so as a swim parent and friend, I'm letting you know about this, and providing the link here. This is NOT an obligation to buy. I am not paid by Arena. Please remember, however, that USA Swimming rules went into effect on September 1, 2020 prohibiting swimmers 12 years of age and under from wearing most tech suits in competition (including the Carbon Flex and Carbon Ultra). Need details about what is approved and not approved? Read about it here.

Pop Quiz: Where is practice being held TODAY?

Answer: Beechview. 

That's all, folks!