First Time Trial Event

Hello Stingrays!

Today is the big day- our first ever virtual swim meet! Please take the time to read through the information below for a few notes on how today's event will run.


As a reminder, all warm-ups require a reservation, so if you have not signed your swimmer up for a slot they will not be able to participate. Because we have combined the 10 and under and 11 and older sessions, we have added another warm-up timeslot from 1:30-1:40pm, and have reopened sign-up until noon today.

When you arrive for warm-ups today, you will enter through the front entrance of the building, like you would for practice. After warm-ups, swimmers will return to their cars and await the start of the meet.

Announcing Events

We have acquired an FM transmitter to assist with today’s meet; all events will announced over the radio so that families can wait in the warmth and comfort of their cars between events. When you arrive for the meet, please tune your car radio to 103.1 FM to listen for all announcements for the meet!

Swimmers & Events

Each swimmer has been put in up to three individual events for today’s meet. When your swimmer’s events are called, they will enter the building through the rear doors of the building onto the family pool deck. Each swimmer will need to be accompanied by a parent, family member, or other guest age 13 or older. This guest will be responsible for timing their swimmer’s event. Please be prepared with a stopwatch or your smart phone’s stopwatch function. After the swimmer has finished swimming, they exit back out the family pool deck and you will write down their time before returning to your car.

Meet Entries- You will find your swimmer’s events here.

Events will not be proceeding exactly in numerical order, due to the combination of sessions. We have therefore also provided a list of events in order below.

Order of Events

What to Bring

Swimmers should have warm clothes that they can wear over their swimsuits onto the pool deck, and change out of quickly before entering the water. (Sweat pants, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc.) They should also have several towels that they can use to dry off between events. Water to hydrate between events. Shoes that they can wear from the car into the building, again that they can slip out of easily; e.g. flip flops or crocs.  A way to time your swimmer, a stopwatch or smart phone. If you have your own pen or pencil you can use to record your time. We will have a small number of spare stopwatches and writing implements for families to use, but these will be needed to be sanitized between uses.

An open mind - We are doing the best we can to bring as much normalcy to this event as possible, while maintaining a safe environment for our swimmers and their families. Things may be a little different than past seasons but we are confident that we will be able to provide an enjoyable competitive swimming experience for our team.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email Coach Liam at [email protected]

Thank you,

Shady Grove Coaching Staff