Stingrays News Update - week of 10/19/20

Happy Monday, Stingray Nation!

Well, we were super fortunate to have that warm weather when we did, because it certainly feels like fall has arrived!

As we settle into our routine at the YMCA, please remember to continue practicing our safety protocols. You must wear a mask to the YMCA. No exceptions. We also ask that if you are not feeling well, do not come to practice. We are very lucky to have a place to train right now and it is up to us to remain diligent and make sure we do the simple things everyday - wash your hands often, wear your mask and stay 6 feet apart. Those 3 simple tasks will go a long way in continuing to keep everyone safe and keep our pool at the YMCA open!

Practice schedule for this week is normal! You can find it here.

We have another couple of fantastic announcements this week!

First, two of our Senior Stingrays are National Merit Scholar Semi-Finalists!Congratulations to Andrew Pan and Juliette Quenioux for this outstanding academic accomplishment! Fun fact – swim teams tend to have the highest team GPAs of all the sports at the high school and college level! Maybe there’s something about chlorine that makes swimmers so smart! laugh

Next is the announcement of our Stingrays Swimmer of the Week Award! This week’s duckies are sporting some crazy hair!!!

Miniray – Jonah Eaker

Bronze – Connor Murphy

Silver – Ada Vassas

Gold – George Witte

Senior – Sibi Raj

Congratulations to all for their great efforts and attitudes all week long! Keep it up! We’ll have another EXCLUSIVE rubber duckie theme next week!

This Week in the Pool:

Senior - We will focus on some Race Pace Training (RPT) this week, while increase our work load in the process. Changing speeds with stroke rate evaluation as well as breath control will be a point of emphasis for the week. BRING A BIG WATER BOTTLE TO EVERY. SINGLE. PRACTICE.

Gold - We will be finishing up the breaststroke progression drills as well as our work on pullouts. The remainder of the week we will introduce some butterfly progression drills and spend time on the open turn for breast and fly. BRING A BIG WATER BOTTLE TO EVERY. SINGLE. PRACTICE.

Silver - We will be reviewing our freestyle and backstroke drill progressions, continue to develop and work on the flip turn for free and back. Focusing on tight streamlines, under water dolphin kicks, and timing the turns properly. Be sure to bring fins to practice, as we will introduce some butterfly progression drills later in the week.

Miniray/Bronze - We spent the first two weeks on freestyle and backstroke. This week and next week we will introduce some butterfly and breaststroke. Main focus will be continuing to get the swimmers comfortable on the stomach and back while they swim, developing the alternate arm motion in free and back as well as starting to work on the timing of the breath (to the side) on freestyle.

Things to ask your Swimmer:


  • Tell me about your race pace training this week. How do you change your tempo for different races?
  • Do you have your water bottle?
  • Do you have your mask?


  • What are breaststroke and butterfly progression drills? What do they help you focus on?
  • What is important to think about for your breaststroke and butterfly turns?
  • Do you have your water bottle?
  • Do you have your mask?


  • What drills do you do for backstroke and freestyle? What do they help you focus on?
  • Show me what a tight streamline looks like!
  • How many underwater dolphin kicks do you do off of each turn?
  • Do you have your fins?
  • Do you have your mask?


  • What is your favorite stroke? Why is it your favorite?
  • What is your least favorite stroke? Why? What will you do to make it better?
  • Show me how you breathe to the side on freestyle!
  • Do you have your mask?

Have a great week, Stingrays!