We have some good news... we’re ready to launch our Off-Season swim program for 2020-2021!

We have been following the progress of some of the year-round clubs in the area - NCAP, Occoquan Swimming, etc.- in order to see what is possible, what is feasible, and, of course, what is safe. We know there are plenty of our swimmers already plugged into some of those club programs and we know there are plenty more still looking for some way to get back in the pool.

Starting November 1st, we’ll be offering our first twelve-practice session for the Off-Season Swim Program at Central Park Aquatics Center (CPAC) from 4:45pm - 5:45pm on Sundays.

Things will be, of course, a little different than previous years. We won’t be offering the “Plus” program because OCCS Swim Academy needs to change the way they keep their records. We will be implementing some extra safety protocols, like social distancing and masks. And there will be a more formal check-in process, among other things. Nothing too crazy.

Here’s what you need to know right now, if you - or any of your friends, neighbors, etc. - are interested in being a part of session one.

First, the registration is online . We set the registration process up through our normal online system, which can be found on the website ( ). We did this for a few reasons, but it makes it easier to keep in touch with everyone, eliminates some paperwork, and allows us to easily accept more forms of payment (PLASTIC!).

Second, and this one is extremely important, we need a minimum of 20 swimmers to make this work. This is new for us and it’s primarily because of all the changes to the way we can safely do things, but costs are a little higher this year and, in order to keep your costs low, we are only going to proceed if we have enough swimmers enrolled. With that in mind, we need you to register by Friday, October 30th, no later than noon. We will take a look at our numbers at that time and determine whether or not we need to cancel. If we are under 20 swimmers at that point, we will have to cancel the session and refund any registration money. We don’t think this will be a problem, but we have to put it out there.

Finally, we are only accepting swimmers who can make it across the pool independently . We will not have any coaches in the water with the swimmers so there won’t be any helping hands keeping your swimmer afloat..Yes, the Shaw pool is only 3 1/2 feet deep and it is an ideal setting for our less proficient swimmers, but we really them to be confident and capable of being safely independent in the water.

Okay, to recap. Session One will begin on November 1st at 4:45pm. The cost is $150 for 12 practices. We need you to register online before noon on October 30th. And we need at least 20 swimmers total - so tell your friends, neighbors, and more. You don’t have to be a BWave, but you do have to have a basic grasp of swimming independently.

Thanks for understanding. We hope to see you on deck soon!