MAC parents and athletes.

I am beyond happy to announce that swim meets are happening again and we will be participating in them!  Right now there are 7 swim meets that we are scheduled to participate in.  

5 of the swim meets are the IMR series by Olympus Aquatics.  These meets are designed to be fast and fun and are perfect for beginning level swimmers.  All levels of experience are welcome, and each swim meet has different events that would be great for silver and gold level swimmers to sign up for.  But if you are new to swimming, and have never done any swim meets before, then this is the perfect opportunity to start!

We will also be competing in two invitationals.  Invitationals are bigger and longer, they usually take place over a period of 2-4 days.  We will be swimming in the "Thanksgiving Turkey Meat" and the "Salty Splash" both hosted by Olympus Aquatics.  Invitationals are open for all levels of swimmers.

To sign up:

1.  Log into your team unify account

2.  Go to the events page

3.  Select the meet that you would like to sign up for

4.  Select the events that you would like to participate in

5.  Make sure you download and read the information sheet for each meet.

6.  Pay in full before the first day of the meet.

This is very important.  You must be USA Swimming registered before you can participate in any swim meet.  If you are not sure if you are registered, then you are likely not.  If you have joined the team within the last 5 months, then you are definitely not registered.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions about getting registered.  You can find the link for the registration sheet under our "News" tab on our team website. 

To register for USA Swimming you must:

1.  Fill out the registration application completely

2.  Pay the yearly fee of $105

Payment can be made to the front desk by cash, check or card, or by cash or check to the MAC office.  If you pay at the front desk please bring a receipt to the MAC office as proof of payment.

I am so excited for swim meets!  Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

Adam Huff