Practices Today, Thursday, October 22

We will have practices scheduled for today, however the heater is still not fixed.  We have been told that the soonest it will get fixed is Monday, possibly Tuesday.  However, that means the water isn't going to be warm until Wednesday or Thursday at the earliest.


Today, we will be running a dryland only practice, which means swimmers should come prepared with shorts and gym shoes AND water bottle.  We will maintain 6 feet distance minimum as we normally do at practices and masks will be on at all times.

Bronze & Silver will practice from 5:15-6:15 

Gold / Platinum / Elite-Non HS will practice from 6:30-8:00


I have reached out to Valpo to see if we can move practices to their pool in the short term starting Friday as they helped us back in July.  This will most likely be at a later time slot as their club will have time priority over ours but I will let everyone know as soon as I hear from them.  If we cannot utilize their pool, then we will continue dryland in the short term at the above time slots.


I do apologize for any inconvience but as always this is something completely out of our control.