Fall Swim Season Registrations Are Now Open

Registration Is NOW OPEN

For In-Water Practices That Are To Start November 1 At Columbus Academy

We have completed scheduling, staffing and such in preparation to start up November 1 at Columbus Academy. Registrations are now open for our season. Please read through everything here very, very carefully if you would BEFORE registering.

CLICK HERE for the training group schedule for Nov. 1 to Dec. 20

What Happens At Registration

Only after reading through everything here in this document will you CLICK HERE to start the registration process. When you register in our portal you will only be registering/paying to be on the team as you will not be able to select days and practice time options at registration. You will simply be registering for the ability to reserve your days as noted below. Due to the fact that we have to build specific rosters for each group for each day of the week it must currently be manually constructed as noted below. You will pay the team's seasonal registration fee specific to your training group’s options. Novice, Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 will have the options for the USAS Flex Membership (limited competition) Team Registration Fee ($80) or the USAS Full Membership (unlimited competition) Team Registration Fee ($140). Both are comprised of a $40 Booster Club Fee (yes... after we get through this start-up we will work on T-shirts, water bottles and such for the athletes using this fee), a $20 Manual Seasonal Registration Fee, and either the a $20 "Flex Membership (Limited Competition) USA Swimming Fee or the $80 "Full Membership (Unlimited Competition) USAS Fee. Level 4 & 5 athletes will have only that option for the $140 registration fee. Limited Competition means that the athlete may compete in only 2 swimming meets throughout the final 20/21 season. If you end up wanting more meets or swimming in more meets we will simply add on the additional $60 and switch you to full membership. If, for some reason, you register and we do not have room for your swimmer due to participant limits your entire registration fee will be refunded.   

CLICK HERE for the training group schedule for Nov. 1 to Dec. 20.

Note that due to the tenuous nature of the pandemic conditions that we are in there will not be a “year around” registration option. You will be registering for November 2020 through March, 2021 swimming only right now.  


What To Do IMMEDIATELY After You Register

Immediately upon registration you will email Steve Nye ([email protected]) with your swimmers name, level, day preference for training according to the schedule and your time preference where multiple options may exist (Saturday's and Sunday's "Open Junior Practices" versus specified "Level" practices) for this session (November 1-December 20). Be specific… “Steve, I'd like to reserve a spot for Klem Kladiddlehopper in Level 4 on Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays from 6:45-9:15 p.m. there at Academy".

     From there we will build a list of each day, each time and each location plugging in registered swimmers as their emails come to me. We will check the email day and time and then see if they are indeed registered. If so, we will then plug them into a slot. Using this process we will build the roster of each swimmer registered for each day at each pool. We will then notify registrants of what these rosters look like as the process proceeds. As long as spots are open we will fill them. Once we hit our max we will put swimmers on a waiting list for that day, time and location.

     NOTE: Remember that once you are assigned to a day and training time that you are bound to that day and training time. You cannot switch days or times for whatever reason once we have everyone assigned. This is to insure that we never go over our maximums and so that we have utterly consistent training groups all the way through for COVID tracking purposes in the event that it is needed.   

NOTE: We will have an altered holiday session for which you can re-register for training day/time options as we will have more pool time during the week so, since the schedule will change, will need to set up a new schedule for that part of the season. We will then follow the Nov. 1-Dec. 20 schedule throughout the remainder of the January/February high school swim season and then revert back to the basic schedule we had during the holidays for the remainder of our season since we will have more pool time options once that high school season is over.

     NOTE: If you commit to, say, 3 days per week it is understood that this minimum  commitment will remain the same throughout the entire course of the season as  the only changes that we will see are changes that will actually allow more practice  options during the holiday training schedule and after the high school season.  During those times you may select more practices or switch your days of practices around to fit your schedule better.    


    Acceptance Considerations

     Items that will affect acceptances include but are not limited to:       

     1 - Currently participation of the athlete in SwimGyms or with our team this past summer.

     2 - Athletes who were with us last fall/winter season. 

     3 - Athletes commitment level to training/training options. 

     4 - Practice option availability.

     Rosters will be compiled for each practice group each day of the week once reservations come in. Decisions must be made very quickly due to the sort turnaround time that we have as to who will be accepted so the earlier you complete the process the better. It is our goal to send out tentative rosters by Thursday, Oct. 29 and then a final roster for the start of the season on Saturday, October 31 as we expect adjustments will need to be made after tentative rosters are emailed home.  


    In-Water Training Hourly Training Costs

    1-2 Practices Per Week: $8 per hour

     3-4 Practices Per Week: $7.50 per hour

     5 Practices Per Week: $7.00 per hour

Only once the schedule is set we will then invoice your account for the time you have reserved in each session. Payments will either be manually pushed through upon invoicing or will be automatically pushed through on the first of each month. Only credit card payments can be accepted at registration due to the intricate nature of making this all work but we will allow ACH payments to help out our families. Remember that credit card payments carry a 2.95% & $0.30 processing fee per payment while ACH’s carry only a $1.50 flat fee charge per payment.

Multiple swimmer discounts will be 10% for your second swimmer & 20% for your third swimmer on your hourly training fees.

     Fundraising Fees

We will leave open the option of having our annual raffle fundraiser. If we do decide to do this each swimmer’s requirement will be adjusted according to the amount of training time that they have secured. For those who are new our fundraising requirement ranged from $35 for Level 1 on up to $80 per athlete for Level 5 last year and would not change much this year. We simply have not had time to yet organize that yet but will soon address that. Our fundraiser is a $1 raffle ticket sales where we award 1st through 3rd place winners a cash prize.    

     Swim Meet Volunteer Requirements

We will not be running any of our meets as they’ve been structured in the past. We will plan on intra-squad meets instead to keep things as safe as possible for everyone involved. Initial plans are that each meet session will involve no more than 24-30 athletes. We will need timers, computer/console operators, hospitality staff, meet directors and such in order to run the meets. We will be allowed no more than 57 people inside the entire pool area at each session which includes volunteers, athletes, coaches and officials. We will need help running these sessions and will look at ways to insure that we will have the required volunteers as we cannot rely on the same people all of the time so we may need to limit athlete participation if they cannot provide volunteers to help. We don’t think this will be an issue due to how trimmed down sessions will be (60-70 minutes long as we will simply run several of these on throughout the day) so no one will have to worry about “long” sessions under this structure.    

Dryland/SwimGym Additional Options

We will have a separate set of instructions for pre-practice dryland training once a site is secured near Academy and a schedule set up for your practice group. ASA well, we will have separate instructions for supplemental SwimGym training for our athletes. Stay tuned for that information as it’s developed.   

Questions may be sent to GCSTO Head Coach, Steve Nye, at [email protected]