Stingrays News Update - week of 10/26/20

Good morning, Stingray Nation!

As many of you know, the school board for Farmington Public Schools voted to keep the middle and high school students fully remote through January 25, 2021. What this means for our team is simply that we will be continuing to train at the YMCA since the high schools are not (yet) renting out their pool facility. Fortunately, the YMCA is very supportive of our team and has placed high priority on ensuring that our kids get the pool time that they need!

The practice schedule through November 30 has been posted to the website here, and includes modified schedules for holidays. Please note that the practice schedule for this week is normal except for Saturday, which is HALLOWEEN! Only Senior Group has practice on Saturday from 7-9am; all other groups have the afternoon off. There will also be NO PRACTICES on Election Day, which is Tuesday, November 3.

And, back by POPULAR request,the sync-able practice calendar has been updated and can be found here with instructions on how to use it. What is this magic, you ask? Why, it’s a practice-group based calendar that syncs to your (and your swimmer’s, if you choose) smart phone. This calendar is updated to reflect any changes or anomalies in the practice schedule, and these updates are pushed to your device as soon as they are created. It’s pretty awesome. I highly recommend it. laugh

Please remember, in the event that your child is not feeling well, PLEASE keep them home from practice. Even if it’s just a stuffy nose…all parents can appreciate that right now our tensions are a bit higher when it comes to health and hygiene, so please be considerate of our swimming community.

Now for our announcement for the Stingrays Swimmer of the Week Award! This week’s duckies are ready to do the Monster Mash!!! And please feel free to play that happy throwback for your swimmer’s entertainment…click here for some fun! You're welcome. wink

Miniray – Sydney Cox

Bronze – Carys Murphy

Silver – Elise Tappy

Gold – Josie Blanchard

Senior – Ben Nykanen

Congratulations to all for their great efforts and attitudes all week long! Keep it up! We’ll have another EXCLUSIVE rubber duckie theme next week…any guesses what it will be?!?

This Week in the Pool:

Senior -  we will continue to build on the race pace training that we started last week. Practices will be mixing in a little more IM work with emphasis on the IM exchange turns. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you start bringing your swim paddles to practice with you as well as a water bottle (or 2!)

Gold – we will be finishing up with our butterfly drill progressions and working on the open turns (breast & fly). Increasing aerobic capacity in workout with some longer freestyle sets and making sure everyone is comfortable with the pace clock will also be part of the focus this week.

Silver - continue work on breast & fly including turns and finishes (2 hands!) for both strokes. Towards the end of the week we will begin to teach the kids how to complete a set using interval training with the pace clock. This is a long process that will take some time, but we hope to have everyone in Silver group ready to go with the pace clock by Thanksgiving.

Miniray/Bronze - Swimmers will continue with the introduction and review of the basic drill progressions for the 4 competitive strokes. We will be working on counting our strokes from the flags to the wall in backstroke, and starting the Bronze swimmers on the freestyle and backstroke flip turns.

Things to ask your Swimmer:


  • How are you doing on your IM exchange turns?
  • Do you have your paddles and water bottle?
  • Do you have your mask?


  • Are practices getting harder? How is your endurance?
  • Do you have your water bottle?
  • Do you have your mask?


  • How many hands do you have to touch with for the breaststroke and butterfly turn? (Answer: two hands!)
  • Do you know how to read the pace clock yet?
  • Do you have your mask?


  • How many strokes do you take in backstroke between the flags and the wall?
  • Do you have your mask?

Have a great week, Stingrays!