You MUST take protocols seriously!!!

Please read and please take this extraordainarily seriously!

If our students do not abide by the following protocols during conditioning this week and moving forward, DCSD will shut down our swim and dive season.

  • Always maintain 6 feet of distance on the pool deck, in the parking lot, and EVERYWHERE on campus.
  • Wear a mask at ALL times except when you are actually in the water.
  • Place your bags 6 feet apart on the bleachers.
  • Stay in the lane you are assigned by Coach N or Coach D.
  • Start on opposite ends of the lane.
  • DO NOT congregate at the end of the lane.
  • The second you get out of the water, put on your mask even before you dryoff with a towel.
  • Do NOT stop and chit chat...go straight to your car and get off really must.