Important update for Dolphin Timing System users

Club Contacts, if your club uses the Dolphin Timing System for swim meets, please read this important update. 

Effective October 7, 2020, the USA Swimming Rules & Regulations Committee issued a statement that meets conducted using a Dolphin timing system must have three timers per lane, and that the Dolphins must be used only as manual stopwatches and not in "semi-automatic" mode where the Infinity starter starts the Dolphin watches. Meets conducted using a Dolphin timing system and submitted with only two times per lane cannot be loaded to the SWIMS database. 
The USAS Rules and Regulations Committee has not provided any additional information for this change, and has indicated that the Dolphin timing system is currently "under review." A final determination is supposed to be made by the committee within a few weeks. All other USA Swimming rules for timing still apply, including the rule that an individual timer may operate two dissimilar devices (such as a Dolphin and a manual stopwatch operated by a single person), but an individual timer must not operate two similar devices (such as two Dolphins or two manual stopwatches operated by a single person).