ABSENCE? Make-ups?

IF you know you will be absent from either Lessons on Saturday or SAST practice - Please Let us know! 

Simply link to one of the follow Absence forms to set the ball rolling:



The only way make-ups can happen during these times - is if you all work together.  When a family indicates they will be absent, that opens up the opportunity for another family to make-up. Due to strict capacity limits set by the high schools, we have no wiggle room without each of you!

These links are always available 24/7 on our website under the ABSENCE Notification(Make-ups) TAB.

If you have any questions, email Jennifer Keller anytime!  I have folks looking for make-ups this weekend...right now everyone is planning on attending.  On average 8-10 people miss any given Saturday - that's a lot of LOST make-up potential!