Pool Update!

With the recent update from the construction team and the realization that the clubhouse completion would take longer than first planned for September, we began researching options for a temporary heating system which will require water circulation, heating equipment, electrical power, and a temporary gas source.  At this time, we have the circulation pump and electrical source in place.  The heater is on order, and we expect that to be delivered the week of November 9, (barring any delays).  The temporary propane tank we are having set is being scheduled for that week as well; however, they will not deliver the tank until we have the heater on site, so we are coordinating those steps now. 

The preparations have taken a little longer than we had anticipated as we needed to ensure viability and effectiveness of the solution.  As additional precautions, the temporary system may have some difficulty regulating water temperature and we will be making adjustments where necessary and possible once it is in operation. 

I have contacted Westover Club about renting their pool space from November 2-14th. They are discussing among their Board and informed me they will let me know by Saturday. I do not know anything yet about what days or times will be available.

We are incredibly grateful to COTA and Coach Chic for sharing their pool space with us! We will continue to have a small amount of pool space at COTA and we will do our best to accommodate every swimmer if this is our only pool option.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s patience while we arrange for the development and implementation of a solution.

Thank you,
Coach Sam