Team Update FALL UPDATE # 8


As of November 1st the Y has opened the showers in the locker rooms. 

  • TEAM POLICY No Wahoo swimmers are to be using the showers!  This will prevent having too many swimmers in the showers at the same time without masks, etc. and having to worry about cleaning and sanitizing the showers.  The Y is aware of our Team Policy and please explain to your swimmers, that they do not want to be caught in the showers by members or staff using the facilities.  Thank you for cooperation in this matter.  They are still allowed to change, WITH MASKS ON!


Thank you to everyone that helped this weekend to make our meet a success this past weekend.  Without all of you, we could not have the meet.


Swimmers did a great job with using plastic bags to store their masks when they got to the blocks.  This procedure was changed to keep masks on until they get to the block and then remove them only to race, putting them back on as soon as they get out of the water.  This was the first time we changed the procedure for the safety of the swimmers, officials and timers.  I am positive that the more we do this the better we get!



  • If you have not signed up for your participation, you will be billed on November 14th!  Please make your choice to either direct pay, or participates in the different programs offered! 
  • The link above will show you all the different programs you can participate in to meet your level!  Programs can be mixed and matched... For example, if you purchased pies, you can add to you required amount by collecting you Village Market receipts, or purchasing Grocery cards for Wilton Deli, Caraluzzi's, Stop & Shop , Stew Leonards, etc.  See the page for all the details.


All Wahoo swimmers are required to have their equipment with them at every practice.  If you are not sure what the equipment is, here is the equipment list.


Metro Swim Shop Order update

Most Metro orders have arrived at the Norwalk store. Exceptions are: National Team parkas and any orders submitted after the closing date. There are also extra quantities of the team suit if anyone needs a replacement but didn't order one. If you requested shipment to your home, those were shipped from the New Jersey warehouse on Monday, October 26. If you have any issues, please let Kristen Bishop know ([email protected]).




  • November 4th Sign up closes for Thankful for Trials and Finals Wahoo vs Caiman Clash—SIGN UP NOW REFLECTS THE 13/14 WARMUPS AND START TIME WHICH WERE MISSING!
  • Saturday, November 7th Pilgrim Plunge Meet for Super Bronze, Super Squad and Maroon Swimmers!
  • Fri November 13-Sunday November 15th – Thankful for Trials and finals Wahoo vs Caiman Clash
  • Saturday November 21st Pick up for the pies and cookie dough will be on Saturday, 11/21 from 10am-12pm. (Location at Y TBD) It is critical that you or someone in your family can pick up at this time as these are all frozen items and must be delivered immediately to those you sold it to or put into the freezer.  The pies can be out of the freezer for 6-8 hours and the cookie dough for no more than 4-6 hours. 

December Meet info to follow!


Stay healthy!  Keep up the Good work on social distancing and masks!  Go Wahoos!