SNS November 2020 Newsletter
  • 2019-2020 SNS Scholar-Athlete Award
    • 148 Athletes were recognized as 2018-2019 SNS Scholar-Athlete Award recipients last year.   This year, close to 200 athletes submitted applications for the 2019-2020 SNS Scholar-Athlete Award.  
    • Processing of applications will occur throughout the month of November and award distribution will be communicated to Member Clubs and Members by December 2020
  • Toyota US Open Information (November 12-14, 2020)
  • 2020 SNS Awards Banquet
    • Physical awards will be ordered and distributed for the following categories achieved during the SNS 2019-2020 Short Course Season: SNS Record Breakers, SNS Top 3 High Point & USA Swimming Top 10
    • With the current COVID situation, our LSC will celebrate and recognize our Athlete Awardees with a pre-recorded presentation in lieu of a physical Awards Banquet
    • SNS Coaching Social Hour w/ Guest Speaker Andy Korda of Blue Tide Aquatics (November 12, 2020)
    • SNS 18 & Under Senior Winter Championships (December 11-13, 2020)
      • Location: Osborn Aquatic Center (Corvallis, OR)
      • Time Standards attached to this email
      • Zoom Information Meeting, Thursday, November 5, 2020 @ 8:00 PM - Zoom Login Information has been sent to SNS Head Coaches. If you are a SNS Coach and would like the Zoom Login Information, please contact [email protected]
    • The LSC would like to remind you of Article 304, Code of Conduct in the USA Swimming Rulebook, specifically on page 95 of the 2020 USA Swimming Rulebook, 304.3.11 (related to Recruiting):

    Action, other than through general advertising, by a coach, owner, officer, volunteer, representative, or employee of a swim club, or a USA Swimming or LSC employee, either through direct contact with an athlete or the encouragement of others, to recruit or other- wise encourage an athlete who is already a member of a USA Swimming member swim club to leave that club, unless the acting party receives prior written approval to recruit or encourage the athlete to change affiliation from the designated club representative of the athlete's existing USA Swimming-member swim club or contact is initiated by the athlete, the athlete's parent or authorized representative. General advertising includes any information that is:



      A  Distributed to an identifiable general population where there is a reasonable expectation that the majority of that population are not current members of USA Swimming; or



      B  Placed in or on any item that is sold.



    In the event of a violation of this section, a sanction may be imposed against any coach, owner, officer, volunteer, representative or employee of a swim club, or against any such club, or any combination thereof, as appropriate.


    • Just a friendly reminder that in accordance with Article 202.5.1 of the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations, as a condition of sanction, no swimmer who is not a member of USA Swimming shall be allowed to compete.  A meet recon prior to the meet will help identify any athlete that is not in compliance.  While it is absolutely the responsibility of the athlete member to complete the requirements of membership, as a safeguard, it is the responsibility of the LSC to ensure that all swimmers competing in a sanctioned event be members of USA Swimming in good standing. Adult athletes who do not meet the Athlete Protection Training (APT) requirement and swim at a meet will have their times invalidated and those performances will not be loaded into SWIMS.