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Swim Canada Update on Olympic/Paralympic trials

From SwimCanada

As you may be aware, the meet information package and event file for the 2021 Olympic & Paralympic Trials has been uploaded to the Swimming Canada website. There haven’t been many changes from the 2020 Trials information, as the qualification period and standards remain the same. Aside from the format and schedule of the event, the largest change are the Junior age groups. They were changed as they relate to the FINA World Junior Championships, rather than the Junior Pan Pacific Championships that were cancelled for 2020.

We are working hard on figuring out what the 2021 Olympic & Paralympic Trials are going to look like in April. The purpose of these Trials is to select the teams who will represent Canada at both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. What we do know is these Trials will take place April 7-11, 2021 and aren’t going to be anything like the original plan for the 2020 Trials, nor like any Trials in our history. 

We are planning for an event with a minimal footprint. This will include no spectators, working with less officials and volunteers and several possibilities for the format of the event.

Without knowing what Canada, or Ontario, will look like in April 2021, we are unable to confirm a set format at this time, but have narrowed down to a number of different contingencies. These range from a prelims/finals format, which may include multiple preliminary sessions in a day leading up to finals, to potentially 5-days of timed finals. Invitation only is also a possibility.

We realize none of the above are what any of us envisioned when looking at our Trials for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games. John Atkinson said it best. “We have a selection of less than perfect choices, and we are looking to run the best trials we can, given the circumstances we find ourselves in”. 

While this information may not help in your planning for April, we are looking to have more concrete information available in late December, or early January, that should help in your organization of travel and logistics for April Trials.

Wishing you the best in these extraordinarily fluid and challenging times,

Jocelyn Jay

Senior Manager, Sport Development (Events, Officials, Masters)