Rochester Community Schools Practice Information

 Practices at Rochester High School and Stoney Creek High School

We are excited to add TWO additional facilities in addition to Waterford Kettering beginning Saturday, 11/7!  Over the course of this weekend, the Google Calendar will be updated with practice times and locations.  Maintaining all 3 facilities will allow us to continue to follow social distancing guidelines, and give our club the most flexibility in the event that there is a facility closure.

Health Screening
The Health Screening for RCS is different than the Health Screening we use at Waterford Kettering.  Please use the QR codes linked to each facility for Rochester High School and Stoney Creek High School respectively (these have been emailed out to all membership, and will be available on the doors in which we enter).  Please use the QR code specific to your athlete’s training facility each day prior to arriving at the pool for practice.  A pool supervisor will be at the door to check in each athlete when we practice in RCS. 

Spectators will not be allowed in the facility for practice in Rochester Schools.  If we need to reach the parent of an athlete, we will contact the Primary Contact listed in your Team Unify profile, which each family designated at the time of registration.

We will be evaluating our Current Rosters over the next several days, and making adjustments to our current training groups as necessary.  The additional pool space and time is allowing us to welcome additional athletes to our program who were previously placed on our waiting list.  Additionally, we will be hosting tryouts at Rochester High School on Saturday, 11/7 1:30-2:30pm to fill roster spots that we now have available on our team!

Coach Erica