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Masters Weekly News Update Friday, November 6, 2020

Masters Weekly Announcements

Friday, November 6, 2020



1.  Words from Coach Mark
2.  SPMS Club Swimmer of the Month
3.  2021 USMS Membership Renewal
4.  USMS Fall Fitness Challenge
5.  Swim Tips and Drills

FYI – When it rains please bring a large plastic trash bag to put your belongings in so they stay dry.



Words from Coach Mark


Winter is coming!  USE IT OR LOSE IT!

It does not take long to lose your fitness level that took months to achieve. It happens quickly with aerobic and endurances exercises like swimming.

If you stop, you will start noticing the effects in a short time as one week. You will get winded doing what used to be easy laps in the pool. Your muscles have already lost some of their ability to use oxygen.

As you get further out of shape, your muscles will get sore once you start exercising again. It does not take long to go from being at your physical peak to being out of condition.

If you want to get fit and stay that way, you must make swimming a lifetime habit!

Stay wet – Stay fit – Swim for life!



SPMS Club Swimmer of the Month
Congratulations to Kendrea Rivera and Emily Christiansen

For being awarded the SPMS Club Swimmers of the month for their consiatancy and hard work at practices.



Way to go Nadadores!!!



USMS 2020 Membership Renewal

Polar Bear Club Challenge is coming soon – All swimmers must have their 2021 USMS membership to have their workouts count.





USMS Fall Fitness 1 Mile Challenge

New for USMS members in 2020!

We partnered with so you can input your results on their app to benchmark your time for the future, compare against other swimmers, and join in on the social fun. Swimmers can upload swims or workouts using a compatible device (Garmin, Apple Watch, etc.), or they can be manually uploaded, so don’t worry if you don’t have a smartwatch!

Here is how it works:

1.     Link your My USMS account and account (this is required as the challenge is a USMS member benefit)

2.     Find and join the challenge on the app (here is how)

o       If you are on your phone, click these links to go right to them: 1,650-Yard Swim | 1,500-Meter Swim | 30-Minute Workout

3.     Complete your swim or workout

4.     Log it on the app

5.     Bask in the glory of your accomplishment, receive your badge on, and maybe see where you rank against others :) 


We will swim the Mile during the week of Nov. 16-21  


Registered swimmers receive exclusive discounts from our partners, sample packs from SmartyPants Vitamins, and a cool event swim cap.

Note: cap is latex. Please email [email protected] if you do not wish to receive the cap. 

Entry Fees

USMS members get a $5 discount on their entry fees. Make sure you are a member to take advantage of this discount! Join USMS here.

Member price:

November 1-November 30: $12

Event Information is available at:  



Swim Tips  

Sculling Drills

These drills are a less like swimming and more like a workout all on their own.  In all these drills, you are essentially trying to hold the water rather than having your hand slice through it. The drills can be frustrating and will take some time to master. Remember, the important thing is to feel the water, not to win a sculling race. Sculling, done properly, will translate to better swimming in all your strokes

Seated sculling.
Masters and kids alike love this one. Lie on the water, face up, with your feet facing down the lane and your hands at your sides. Gently bend slightly at your waist and bring your toes and face out of the water, almost as if you are sitting in a recliner. Begin a sweeping out and in motion with your hands slightly cupped and fingers pitched downward. You will start to move forward feet-first if you are doing it right. Note that this is not a breaststroke pull, but rather a true sculling motion, small and close to your sides.

Sculling with a pull buoy  .
This is a variant on a classic sculling drill. Coaches used to have swimmers kick while doing this drill and the good kickers got very little out of it. Instead, use a pull buoy to keep your legs afloat and lie on the water, face down, with arms extended out in front. (A snorkel is helpful on this drill.) Begin the small sculling motion, not large like a breaststroke pull, while keeping your arms straight. This is a slow drill but, with the hands slightly cupped, you should be able to move forward.

Surf sculling  . This is a swimmer favorite! Stand on a kickboard as if it is a surfboard, only under the surface of the water. With your hands out front and slightly cupped, begin a small sculling motion while remaining standing on the board. This takes some practice, and you can sit on the kickboard instead of standing. (Do not do this drill too close to your lane mates; when you fall off the board, it can shoot to the surface and bang someone in the chin).






-Coach Mark        






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