Getting AHEAD of it!

As COVID numbers have been increasing in our community so has the response by neighboring high schools.

Right now Grafton HS is not allowing parent spectators on deck or in the building during SAST.  We plan to adopt our summer entry on that north/east corner of the pool.  Practice doors will open 10 minutes prior to practice for swimmers only with face masks on.  Have your swimmer bring a plastic baggie/labled with their name to place their masks in while they swim.  We'll have extra to use if you need it.  Parents for SAST may drop off/pick up curbside if they choose or walk to the entry door if that works best for your family.

CHS - has not adopted this policy - YET...I am asking that if you are able to drop and run - feel free to do so!  If we're able to reduce the number of spectators on deck, this will only help our cause further down the road.  IF that's simply not a good fit for your family at this time - feel free to keep joining us on deck until we're asked to make a change.

Our #1 goal is to KEEP SWIMMING!  We feel very strongly that allowing children to be children as long as we possibly can benefits them more than can be measured!  We will continue to jump through whatever hoops neccessary to make this happen!