Mantas Families,

Thank you for your patience in my lack of a “weekly” update to the team members.  Our kids have done such an overwhelmingly good job in following protocols for our practice routine, that I’ve felt the routine didn’t need too many reminders.   However, we have had many new members join us in the past few weeks, and we do now have some “new” updates that I can share with you.  

While our kids are doing a great job in the water, I will ask that they double down on their efforts to stay safe when they are on the pool deck, in the locker rooms and the facility as a whole, and in planning travel to and from practice.  Large organizations like USA Swimming and the NCAA have done multiple surveys and studies in researching the effect of COVID 19 in a training environment.  What these studies are finding is that while the athletes are in the water and actively training, the spread is very minimal.  Where we need to make sure we are expanding our efforts is when athletes are NOT in the water.  This means wearing a mask at all times when on the pool deck, in the locker rooms, and walking through the facilities. This means maintaining a safe distance away from others while waiting for training sessions to begin. It also means being mindful in how our swimmers are getting to practice. We have had parents ask about being able to carpool with other families to make transportation easier.  My best answer is that we have to do everything we can to be as safe as we can, in every moment that we can.  I am not monitoring the parking lot. However, I am giving my best recommendations for how we can continue to move forward in providing a great experience for our kids. 

We have also had parents ask about being able to come in to the LCARC to watch practice or to work out in the facility while practice is going on.  The logistics of having extra parents on the pool deck just doesn’t work.  There aren’t bleachers to sit in, and in most cases there are other families using the pool for open swim while our kids are in the water.  Parent members may obtain a LCARC membership to work out in the facility during practice times.  You’ll have to find the best way that works for each family and any payments are arranged through the LCARC.  

Now for some of the more exciting updates.  MANTAS WILL BE COMPETING!  We have arranged for a dual meet with Neptune Swim Club in New Prague.  The date is set for Saturday, December 12 in the afternoon.  We will use the New Prague Aquatic Center as the site.  The LCARC is not set up to hold competitions. This will be a one session meet, and I know right away that spectators won’t be allowed.  More on meet registration and other details will be coming out soon.  We are excited to begin to offer competition opportunities for our athletes.   

I am also looking into the possibilities of holding an extra two-hour practice on Saturday mornings for our Senior groups.  The exact times haven’t been set as of yet, but it looks like we’ll start these extra sessions on Saturday, November 21.  Obviously, more information will follow.

Finally, stay tuned for practice updates concerning weather.  Updates are sent via email, posted on the team website and to our social media accounts.  

Let me know if you have any questions.  
Have a great week!
Alex Lindstrom
Head Coach
Mantas Swim Club