Weekly Update 11.11.2020
Upcoming events:
November BOD Meeting:

November 11 

Stroke & Turn Officials Clinic:

November 12

Toyota US Open:

November 12-14


Georgia Coaches: Zoom Enterprise License

We are currently taking orders for Georgia Swimming coaches to have the Enterprise Zoom License. 

For more information about this, click here

To apply, use this link to the form: Zoom Form

Diversity, Equality, & Inclusion Task Force Meeting

Georgia Swimming is hosting the first meeting for this new task force on November 22nd at 4 pm. This task force was created to address past, current, and future issues affecting our sport and the larger communities we serve. This meeting will be held over zoom and we encourage coaches, officials, and athlete members to attend, listen to, and bring their thoughts and ideas. 

To attend the zoom call, use this link: GASI Zoom and be sure to follow the protocol for joining Georiga Swimming Zoom calls which can be found on the gaswim.org website.

#ThankYouCoach Month is here!

November marks the start of USA Swimming’s coach appreciation month! All month long, we’ll be celebrating our amazing coaches across the country on our digital platforms using #ThankYouCoach, but we need your help. We want each team to take this opportunity to celebrate their coaches with us on their social media platforms. Share your appreciation using #ThankYouCoach and don't forget to tag @usaswimming along with @GA_Swimming. This year has been tough for all of us, but especially for our coaches. Let’s show them our gratitude!

Here are some ways your team can participate:

  • Post to your team’s social media channels using the hashtag #ThankYouCoach & tagging @usaswimming and  @GA_Swimming so we can interact with your post. Here are some post ideas:

    • Share the reasons why your coaches are the best in the sport

    • Share fun memories from the past years with your coaches

    • Share how your coaches went above & beyond during the pandemic

    • Ask swimmers to reply with their favorite memories or thank you messages

    • Take a video of your team thanking their coaches

The possibilities are endless!

Sacrifices of a Swim Mom Article

Swimming World Magazine recently published an article displaying all of the wonderful things that mothers of swimmers do for their children. We want to say THANK YOU to all the Georgia Swimming moms that do so much for not only their kids but for their child's club teams and the sport of swimming as a whole. Your hard work, dedication, and sacrifices do not go unnoticed. We appreciate all that you do!

To read the article, use this link.

USA Swimming Health Insurance
for Coaches Infomation

USA Swimming has released information regarding new health insurance for coaches and team leaders. To read about it, use this link.

Upcoming USA Swimming Events

USA Swimming has some exciting virtual events coming up, as well as some virtual competitions for the month of November.
For more information, use this link.

U.S. Para Swimming Events:

November 22 – Coaching the Para Swimmer (Coaches, Athletes and Parents)

For more information and links, click here. 


USA Swimming Safe Sport Incentives

USA Swimming will be announcing incentives for clubs achieving Safe Sport Recognition. We were asked not to disclose the details of the incentives as they will be announced with a splash in a couple of weeks.  I will share as much information as I can. 
 If you want to receive one or both of the incentives your club must be one of the first 1500 clubs nationwide to achieve Safe Sport Recognition. Currently, there are 365 clubs that are Safe Sport recognized. There are a total of 3,200 clubs in the United States.  But, 500 more clubs have started the process. So if you are interested, you need to get off the block and finish before another 1,100 clubs finish before you.
One incentive is financial. The other involves a visit. Your club will be disappointed if you are not one of the first 1,500.
Thus far, we have 12 Safe Sport recognized teams in Georgia so these clubs will receive the incentives. I would love to have every club Safe Sport Recognized by the end of June to ensure you receive the incentives. Please contact me to talk about what you need to make this recognition happen for your club.

Thanks so much. 
Ceci Christy
Georgia Swimming Safe Sport Director
USAS Southern Zone Safe Sport Director

Georgia Swimming College Commits

Help us celebrate our recent college commits! Congrats and good luck with your future careers! If you have a recent commit, please email them along with a picture to [email protected] with the name and college and they will be posted and shared in future newsletters. 

Congratulations to our newest college commits:
Brett Sasser - Florida Atlantic University

Teaching Tuesday: Healthy Lunch Options.

Up next in our healthy food series: the importance of lunch and ideas to fuel you through afternoon practice!

As athletes go about their day, it is easy to get distracted by tasks that take away from opportunities to be fueling properly, but it is always important to fuel in the middle of the day before the afternoon practice. Lunch does not have to be a heavy meal to be effective, as long as swimmers get the proper nutrients and feel full to their desired level before a workout, that will help them conquer what is on the practice.

Both children and parents can take part in the process of preparing healthy lunch options to have during the school day. If buying lunch at school is the best option for your family, encourage your child to choose a protein, vegetable, fruit, and a whole grain carb option if available. These simple habits will help your swimmer feel confident and they'll have the energy to make it through workouts in the afternoon.

Read more here.

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