Mantas Swim Club Swimmers of the Month - OCTOBER

We are excited to announce the Mantas Swim Club Swimmers of the Month for October!

The “Swimmer of the Month” will be given to athlete’s in each training group; Novice, Age Group, & Senior, at the end of each month. 

Criteria used to award these athletes are:

Practice Attendance

Attitude & Sportsmanship



Congratulations to the Mantas Swimmers of the Month for October!


Novice, Swimmer of the Month - Eli Luiken

Eli has been working incredibly hard this month and has improved tons! Eli is always the best listener and he makes sure the rest of the group is listening as well; he wants to fit as much swimming into every practice as he possibly can. Eli is a great leader for the group to look up to at all times. Great Job Eli!

Coach Tanner and Coach Vance


Age Group, Swimmer of the Month - Brittan Hoffman

It gives us great pleasure that the swimmer of the month or October is Brittan Hoffman.  She has done a great job this fall.  She has worked hard at each practice to go from swimming in lane one, to leading one, and to moving up a lane.  Her efforts to push herself have paid off because she is getting faster and becoming a more well-rounded swimmer.  When the sets are hard and she needs to push yourself, Brittan looks at her coaches and gives a big smile.  She has worked hard to improve, starting in the summer and continuing through the fall.  With her great attitude and her hard work, Brittan Hoffman is going to make waves in the pool.  Great job Brittan!!!

Coach Paul and Coach Matt   


Senior Groups, Swimmers of the Month - Macord Lindstrom

Through the month of October Mac has shown he can swim with the big boys!  His steady improvement can be seen at every practice.  He has worked extremely hard on finishing every set with speed.  His effort during everyday training is paying off on our race days!  He is crushing is lifetime bests IN PRACTICE in every event from the 50 to the 500.  Macord even won ice cream for the senior group in a challenge swim this fall. I am proud of Mac and the work that he puts in.  Mac is an excellent teammate.  He cheers for everyone and shows that he is having FUN at every practice.  Keep it up MAC!  

Coach Alex