College Swimmer Return To Pool With GCSTO Protocol

College Swimmer Return To Pool With GCSTO Requirements

  We realize that our college swimmers will be returning home for the holidays and could potentially be here through the end of December. We welcome their return and will have some room for those athletes to train with Level 5. However, we will have extremely strict protocols for these athletes to follow in order to be eligible to return. Here are those stipulations:

1 - The athlete must be currently showing no signs/symptoms of COVID or can have done so within the last 14 days prior to their return

2 - Regardless of their condition they must be receive a negative result for a COVID tested upon leaving campus in the event that they may be an asymptomatic individual.

3 - As well, no one in the home they are coming back to can have shown signs/symptoms of COVID, been in contact with anyone testing positive for COVID or have had a positive test for COVID, themselves, within the last 14 days. If someone tested positive in the household then that individual would need to test negative for COVID coinciding with the college athletes return.

4 - Cost to swim is $2 per hour for those on normal full scholarships to help the finances of the team at this time. Cost to swim for non-scholarshipped returning college athletes is $7 per hour.

Please contact coach Nye with questions at [email protected]