Letter to active membership November 12, 2020

Dear Neptune families,

Hope you all are doing well and staying safe.  Covid-19 cases remain steady across our county.  The weather is changing and getting colder, forcing us all inside to hang with family and friends.  We all need to remain vigilant by washing hands & wearing masks in order to get this virus under control and allow us to remain open & operational.  We all want life to get back to normal as quickly as possible.  We thank you for doing your part in helping us get through these tough times!

      With the weather changing and rain coming soon, I wanted to let you know that each lane will have a designated spot that bags can be placed to ensure they remain dry.  We will use team & city pop-ups to keep things dry, plus we will have hooks for kids to hang their bags from to keep them off the ground.  


Here are a few things to consider when bringing your kid to swim practice:

  1. Dress them warmly with a parka & warm boots

  2. If raining, have an umbrella

  3. Have something warm to drink for the ride home

  4. Try to minimize the amount of clothing that is brought in...limit the damage if it gets wet

  5. Everything should fit inside their swim bag 


A few reminders:

  1. Wash hands for 20 seconds before bringing athlete to facility

  2. A mask must be worn at all times while at the facility (except when swimming)

  3. Help us remind athletes that we must remain 6 feet apart while waiting inline

  4. If your child is having symptoms of any type of sickness, please keep them at home

  5. Please continue communicating with coaching staff when things come up 


Thanksgiving week practice schedule:

Monday - Regular practice times

Tuesday - Regular practice times

Wednesday - Regular practice times

Thursday - Thanksgiving Holiday! No practice

Friday - NO practice for all groups

Saturday - Gold 7 - 7:55 am / Blue 8 - 8:55 am


Thank you for your support & GO NEPTUNES!!