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Team Update - Updated Covid Response - PLEASE READ!

Hi NTA Families –

With the current movement in the Chicago & Cook County area to the Stay-At-Home policy for the next 30 days (starting November 16th) – I wanted to make sure that everyone knows where we are positioned as a program moving forward. As with everything – we will be in flux and look to keep fluid planning and programming to provide for our team family.

1) Overall Team Goal and Focus

For the next few months, our focus is going to be on the following three goals:
1) Create a safe outlet for athletes and families to engage in social physical activity

2) Provide consistent education and instruction in aquatic sports – in-person and/or online
3) Commit to continued multi-faceted support of our community and team family

2) Scheduling

At this point, all of our facility partners have assured us that we have priority access to our practice locations. This is in part to our team’s commitment to a safe environment for our athletes and we owe a lot of that credit to our athletes.

Should the state/county/city move to a Shelter-In-Place model – there will be the distinct probability that we will either cease in-person programming (moving to online only programming) or move to a very-restricted hybrid model with limited in-person programming.

This may result in shorter or less frequent in-person workouts – but we want to do our best to keep our team safe while continuing to provide quality engagement for all athletes.

3) Online Programming

If you do not feel comfortable sending your athlete to in-person programming, we will be providing significantly more online programming for all athletes beginning November 16th. This will be much more varied & interactive than in the spring – dryland, social activities and individual/group goal setting or meetings with coaches will be offered.

4) Competitions

All formal in-house competitions will be on hold until the Stay-At-Home policy is lifted. We will consider how best to provide competitions at that time, but coaches will be working to provide informal, non-official competition settings for athletes at workouts as we are limited to 25-28 people on deck at Loyola and 14 at our other facilities.

5) Travel/Holidays

The IDPH is recommending that all non-essential travel be limited for the next 30 days, especially out of state. There is also a strong statewide recommendation to avoid large family gatherings. Many of our recent exposures in our program have been either directly or indirectly due to Halloween weekend gatherings and we strongly support the IDPH in their statement families to celebrate at home and look to digital components for long-distance celebration.

Should you choose to travel out-of-state – we will be asking those families to take a 14-day quarantine as recommended by Cook County & IDPH. If you have particular questions, we can address those as a case-by-case basis, but do not anticipate significant considerations.  Online programming will still be available for all athletes.

6) Fees

At this point in time, we will not be prorating fees for missed workouts due to any Covid-19 related measure. Our team works hard to provide multiple venues for interaction for athletes that are not limited to in-person programming and we encourage families to take advantage of those opportunities. Individual meetings with the coaches, online social events and more can actually be a positive experience for your athlete and your family. The monthly dues is calculated so that we can provide programming not just now, but six months from now.

Fee Structure. In the event that you would prefer to go online or if the team goes online, we will implement our online-only fee structure. While we are programming hybrid and increasing that online interaction – we will continue with our monthly hybrid structure. Families may put their account on hiatus for up to 2 months at a cost of $50/month (not including high school sport programmed months provided the athlete is actively participating in high school sports).  These adjustments will need to be made prior to the end of the month for the next month.

7) Safety Protocols

We would like to reiterate consistent mask usage – a distance of more that 6 feet at all times and prompt drop-off and pick up.

In the event of exposure – please do NOT attend workout & notify staff immediately.

If a member of your household/carpool/covid bubble is awaiting test results, please do not attend workout and notify staff immeadiately.

We can keep programming and in-person if we work together to keep our team safe. Communication is the KEY to this success.  

8) Hour of Power

This weekend is the Ted Mullin Fund Hour of Power. Everyone is encouraged to participate and will receive a commemorative swim cap. In this year of chaos – there is no better time to contribute time or treasure to our community in the form of medical research.  

Fundraising will continue through November 22. Please look to contribute & raise funds online. The $75 milestone gets you a sweet shirt!

If you have any questions – please visit the website or email the Hour of Power director Greg Hartman at [email protected]

Again, thank you, as always for your support and your faith in our team and staff to make opportunities available for our athletes and community. With your support, both financial and emotional and physical - we will make through this dark part as a community and come out the other side stronger. We have a strong foundation of community at NTA and that will be our strength moving forward.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Frenzy Forward.
Coach Alexis