Urgent - Immediate Practice Schedule Changes Due to New Boulder Country Orange L

Urgent - Immediate Practice Schedule Changes Due to New Boulder Country Orange Level Restrictions

Hi everyone,

Due to the new Boulder Country Orange Level restrictions, the Y just notified us that effective immediately they will only allow 1 swimmer per lane at all practices. Due to this notification we will need to cancel all Y practices for this afternoon. All afternoon practices today will be moved to RallySport (please see schedule below). Everyone who signed up for Friday Afternoon Practice today please go to RallySport at the time your group is scheduled:
Yellow & White Groups: RallySport Indoor Pool: 7:15-8:00 pm
Brown 1&2 Groups: RallySport Outdoor Pool: 7:15-8:00 pm
Grey and Black Groups: RallySport Outdoor and Indoor Pools: 8:00-9:00 pm
The Sign-up Genius for tomorrow morning (Saturday) and for Grey/Black Mornings for next week have been cancelled. We are currently reworking the practice schedules. A new Saturday Morning sign-up Genius for practices at the Y will go out later today. We will notify all Grey/Black and Brown 1&2 swimmers before it goes out. Unfortunately, there will be limited spots and it will fill up fast.
Sign-up Genius practice signups for next week will only go out on Sunday. We will email everyone ahead of time to let you know when it will go out. As we rework the practice schedule we will need to reduce practice lengths and number of practices per swimmer to accommodate everyone while conforming to these very strict new regulations. 
We will continue to practice at the Y and RallySport, as well as, adding some weekend practices at Blue Dolphin.  We ask that you please have patience while we navigate through these difficult times. Hopefully the rampant spread of Covid will be curbed by these new regulations and the new stricter regulations can be lifted in mid December.
Thank you,
Tricia and Wolfgang