LCSC Coho Update 16 November 2020

LCSC Coho Update                  16 November 2020

Power Outage at Rec Center; Tonight's Classes Canceled
Due to a power outage at the LCRC, LCSC training for tonight is canceled.  Swimmers are encouraged to review their goal sheets and begin planning a daily at-home training regimen.  

Michigan Health Department Shuts Down Indoor Activities Effective Wednesday, 18 November 2020
Effective Wednesday, 18 November 2020, all indoor training activities may be shut down for a three-week period (The LCRC Aquatics Director will inform us shortly regarding our ability to continue training).  It is important that we remember this is (hopefully) a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, and it requires us to hunker down for times that may feel like an eternity.  During these periods of isolation, each individual swimmer is responsible for maintaining and improving their fitness level.  Upon return to the pool in June, coaches noticed that swimmers actively engaged in daily dry land training during the 2020 spring isolation returned much faster and fitter than their teammates not engaged in daily dry land training.  Coho coaches agree that there is room for great athletic improvement for all Coho swimmers by improving daily dry land training.  If we are not able to continue training this month, LCSC coaches will provide swimmers with important exercises to improve overall strength and fitness during the upcoming isolation period. 

Important Daily Dry Land Exercises
This is a short, incomplete list of important exercises for swimmers:
1. Calisthenics
2. Shoulder Stretches
3. Sit-ups
4. Pushups
5. Pull ups
6. Streamline Jumps
7. Jump Rope
LCSC coaches will communicate a team plan for home dry land training beginning Wednesday.

Coho Skill Development Update
Coho swimmers have been working on essential racing skills during the month of October and into November.  These skills include:
1. Excellent Streamlines off each and every wall.  A tight streamline is one of the simplest ways to improve speed.  This includes straight arms with thumb locking both hands together, elbows squeezed tight behind the head, and a fully stretched out body.  
2. Strong dolphin kicking underwater.  Racing requires generating speed from a propulsive kick.  Underwater dolphin kicking includes a tight streamline position from the shoulders on up, incorporating back and core muscles to initiate the dolphin kick, and following through with a snap of the legs and feet on every kick.  Coho swimmers are training to be able to execute underwater dolphin kicking past the 12.5 yard mark in the pool on every push off and after flipping turns (except for breaststroke).
3. Acceleration through the breakout with strong kicking rhythm.  There is no substitute for a strong kicking rhythm in swim races.  Kicking fast past the halfway mark of the pool and transitioning to a powerful kick are skills demonstrated regularly by top-level swimmers.
4. Maintaining strong kicking rhythm throughout each swim.  This skill requires constant attention and years of dedication, determination, and discipline.  LCSC coaches understand the importance of excellent kicking, and provide swimmers with constant opportunities to improve this essential skill.
5.  Combining skills, increasing and maintaining speed.  Coho swimmers are here to race!  Racing at a higher level requires a positive attitude, daily attendance, and attention to detail throughout each training session.
Coho coaches will help swimmers evaluate their progress during Session I using the LCSC athlete evaluations found here:
During Session II, we plan to work on all racing techniques with a continued focus underwater skills, the essence of swimming like a Coho.

Session II Registration Update
Thank you to all interested in swimming with LCSC during Session II (Nov. 30, 2020-March 20, 2021).  We are making changes to our group structures to accommodate more interested swimmers.  In addition to the families that have completed a Session II interest survey, more families are inquiring about the opportunity to improve swimming skills with our team.  LCSC coaches are reviewing the group requests and will have recommendations for registration by the beginning of next week.  
There are changes to our group organization outlined here so that we may accommodate more swimmers in our winter program.
~SR/Platinum: Sr/Platinum group has a cap of 42 athletes.  Coho swimmers interested in training with the SR/Platinum group should be aware that there are weekly attendance requirements to maintain good standing in this training slot: Senior swimmers are expected to be at practice Monday through Friday; Platinum swimmers are expected to attend at least four days Monday through Friday.  Saturday practices are designated for swimmers attending practice every day.  If you are able to honor this attendance commitment, then the SR/Platinum group is for you!  If you are not able to honor this commitment, then the Gold group may fit your training needs.
~Gold Advanced: Gold Advanced is for swimmers interested in training 4+ days/week.  The number of available spots in the Gold Advanced group is 22.  Selection to the Gold Advanced group is based on October attendance and/or commitment to attend practice 4-5 times per week throughout Session II.  Coaches emphasize the importance of daily attendance over an extended period of time to cultivate a successful swimming career.  
~Gold 1 and Gold 2:  The Gold 1 and Gold 2 groups are being introduced to accommodate swimmers, ages 10-18, who have met the entry requirements for Gold Group, and are interested in training three or less times per week.  Gold 1 & 2 will each have a cap of ten swimmers.  Because we are limited to a maximum number of swimmers each night, this group will have the option of signing up for either M/W/F or T/Th/Sat.  Introducing this group allows LCSC to offer more interested swimmers the opportunity to participate this winter. 
~Bronze/Silver 1 & 2: Bronze/Silver 1 & 2 have one less practice per week, but the same amount of instructional time as during Session I.

Thank you for keeping all Cohoes safe!
Your LCSC Coho Coaches