Hydro4 Meet Heat Sheets and Details

The Hydro4 Fall Classic is here!!!

Please see heat sheets, timeline, and other details for the Hydro4 Meet listed below..  Please read the first page of the meet letter for the Covid protocol. Coaches will ask swimmers to wear masks if they are not able to social distance while on deck. It will only be swimmers, coaches, and volunteers on the pool deck.  Parents and other spectators will be able to watch from viewing area outside the pool area.  If you would like to be a timer or official on deck, please email Coach Frank at [email protected] with the date and session. Click on the links below:

Meet Letter

List of Entries with fees - fees have been added to December invoices.


Friday Heat Sheet

Saturday AM Heat Sheet

Saturday PM Heat Sheet

Sunday AM Heat Sheet

Sunday PM Heat Sheet

Dates & Times: -
Friday November 20th , 2020 
Warm-Up 4pm 
Timed Final Start 5pm
Saturday November 21st, 2020 
Morning Warm-Up 7.30am 
Morning Start Time 8.30am 
Afternoon Start Time (45 mins after morning session not before 12pm) -
Sunday November 22nd, 2020 
Morning Warm-Up 7.30am
Morning Start Time 8.30am 
Afternoon Start Time (45 mins after morning session not before 12pm)

Warmup Times - swimmers should arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to warmup time so they are ready to enter the pool at warmup time.

  • There will be assigned lanes for warm-ups before each session starts.
    • Hydro4 - lanes 1 - 4 (Closest to the scoreboard).
    • Planet Swim - lanes 5 - 8.
    • St Augustine – lanes 9 - 12
    • Flagler Fluid – lanes 13 – 15
    • West Volusia – lanes 16 – 18
    • TekMasters – lane 19
    • SCAT & YFFC – lane 20 (Closest to entry gate)

For our newer families, you will want to bring folding chairs, extra towels and clothes for swimmer, sunscreen, drinks and snacks.  We have 2-3 team tents for our swimmers and can use some help getting tents down on Friday and back on Sunday from the meet.  Parents may want to bring their own tent for in between events.  Here are instructions on how to mark your swimmer: Marking swimmer

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your coach or myself at [email protected]

Go Cyclones!!!

Wende Larrimore
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