Teaching Tuesday: Healthy Dinner Ideas

As we continue with our healthy eating series, this week we're shifting to discussing the importance of eating a well-balanced dinner and offering some healthy dinner ideas.

At the end of a long day, swimmers will always need to complete the day with a well-balanced meal to help with recovery and gear them up for the next day of training. Parents are encouraged to help provide their children with a meal consisting of vegetables, carbs, and proteins. Proteins do not always need to specifically entail meats, as there are many options for people that are vegetarian, for example, to get their protein sources elsewhere. Additionally, if a swimmer won't be eating dinner until later in the evening, it is encouraged for them to pack a snack to eat right after they finish their workout to help with the recovery process as well.

Nutrition plays an important role in the life of a swimmer, but they cannot do it alone. It is crucial that parents assist their children to make the healthiest choices they can while they're growing up and do their best to set a good example for their athletes. 


For specific dinner ideas and more nutritional information, please check out these links below: