Letter to Clubs re Complying with Government CoVid Regulations

USA-Swimming is making it clear that Clubs and LSC's are responsible to make sure our activities are in compliance with national, state and local CoVid regulations in activities, practices and meets. Here is the letter explaining this: ( adobe version)

Hawaiian Swimming Member Clubs:
I hope this message finds all Hawaiian Swimming (HISI) members safe and healthy. Knowing we are all eager to get back in the water and training, this is a reminder that all member clubs in preparation to return to training or currently training in a pool facility shall adhere to the health and safety requirements set by the facility, local, state, and federal agencies. HISI is required to enforce USA Swimming’s (USAS) health and safety guidelines and shall require all clubs to comply with public health and safety guidelines including the State of Hawai’i Governor’s proclamation and the respective County’s mayor proclamations and orders. Requirements under the proclamations and orders apply to both public and private facilities.
HISI requires each member club to follow the USAS recommendation to have “each team/club have a COVID-19 liaison responsible for staying up to date on community and state recommendations and any associated changes” (see USAS - Facility Re-Opening Messaging and Planning )
Return to competition can only occur when local authorities have deemed it safe to return to competition. USAS and HISI does not endorse conducting practice or competition in violation of any local, state, or federal guidelines. In addition, USAS requires all member clubs to uphold the following.
1) If there is an ambiguity between recommended guidelines, the most stringent should apply or local counsel should be consulted to provide guidance to follow.
2) Each club should have a COVID-19 liaison/committee responsible for staying up to date on community and state recommendations and any associated changes.
3) Each club should have a point person responsible for the club’s Return to Competition plan.
4) Mandated capacity limits must be followed.
5) Until further notice, eliminate or reduce use of low ventilated spaces as well as rooms that prevent social distancing, (e.g., locker rooms and small dryland rooms) to the extent feasible.
6) Until further notice, ingress to facility must include health screening questions and should include temperature screening either at the facility or prior to arrival, no person shall be admitted with a temperature over 100.4 F or in accordance with CDC or local health department recommendations.
7) Until further notice, athletes should arrive in their suits and depart in suits if possible. Locker rooms use should be minimized.
8) Until further notice, coaches, officials, spectators (parents), should wear masks. All expectations for the aforementioned protocols should be communicated ahead of time. Information should be posted (with approval of the facility staff) at the venue to ensure that all participants and observers are clearly aware of the requirements.
In accordance with USA Swimming, if an LSC is aware that a club is violating USA Swimming, Local (County), State, and/or Federal laws/policy the LSC is not in compliance and subject to USA Swimming corrective action. Similarly, if a club knowingly operates outside of these policies, not to mention local laws, etc., their status as a club will also be in jeopardy.
Stay Safe, Be Healthy, & Wear A Mask,
Jon Hayashida, General Chair
Hawaiian Swimming, Inc.