Time to hit the Pause button

Just as we were starting to get back into a new normal indoors someone came along and pressed the Pause button. 

As many of you have may have read or heard the PHMDC new Order #10 has put a stop to our current practice schedule.  All of the swimming facilities we have been utilizing have confirmed we no longer will be able to hold swim practices: at The East YMCA, Sun Prairie YMCA and Little Stroke in Waunakee.

The order does not specifically shut down pools but it does not allow us to gather inside and train together at one time. Therefore we are formally going to open our OYO (Own Your Own) swimming practices.  There will be a nominal fee associated with but ALL SWIMMERS are able to take part in this program.  Once a week we will email practices to all swimmers who wish to have us continue to coach albeit 'virtually?' or 'on paper'.    A sign-up genius has been created for all swimmers who wish for us to send them a practice, click here for the link. To sign-up.    The cost is $10 per week and it will be ongoing until Order #10 is lifted or adjusted. 

Your patience is appreciated while look through our finances and adjust the monthly charge for November.  As I stated earlier this was the reason we moved to billing in arrears (after the month has concluded for services that were rendered).  We will let everyone know what the new monthly cost will be going forward.

Dryland- Any swimmers who is currently going to Train 608 this will continue as schedule until we have hammered out a new schedule.  The biggest difference in regards to Train 608 is the facility will become an open gym and not a specifically scheduled 'group' time.  Coach Dave is limited to capacity and has other open gym times.  Please directly message Coach Dave through your Train Heroic App with any questions regarding when to come in and if you need to make up at a different time.  All social distancing, mask wearing etc.. still apply at Train 608. 

The coaching staff is going to come up with alternative dryland opportunity for all other swimmers. Please let us work this out and we hope to get something to you shortly.  

As always watch social media and your email for any updates.

PS - The Intra squad Meet for this Sunday has been canceled. I am seeing if any swimmer who was previously registered to swim at the Rec Plex this weekend can still get into the meet. If we can get swimmers into the meet I will let everyone know asap.  The turnaround will be quick an since we will be on a month long quarantine afterward if anyone wishes to attempt the meet let us know when the email comes out. 

Thanks for all your support and hopefully see everyone soon 


Thank You to Our Valued Partners