Keeping Track of Work

Keeping Track of Work to Stay on Track with Work              18 November 2020 

Hard work is one key ingredient in long-term success.  “Determination, Discipline, and Dedication” are the core mantra of many great athlete’s rise to the top.  Young athletes have the opportunity during this pandemic to truly understand hard work and taking care of business as an individual.  Support is always here from your family and coaches, but true accomplishment is the product of your own motivation and your ability to follow through on challenging workouts.  Setting goals is critical to feeling a sense of accomplishment, but just as important is keeping track of your daily work effort towards your long-term goals.

“There is no substitute for hard work.” “Hard work beats talent if talent does not work hard.” These are two commonly heard adages regarding hard work, and they have been around (in one form or another) since humans began communicating important life concepts to each other.  By definition, hard work is hard to do.  It requires concentrated effort over an extended period of time.  Success is not guaranteed on the first go-around, and that’s when the tough get going.  Keeping a daily journal of your workout and the specific performances within the workout allows an athlete to review their past and current measures, and make plans for future improvement.  If your underwater kick counts are improving, are you recording that data?  Are you tracking your average time and stroke count on various sets?  Daily record keeping will assist you in seeing your progress as a Coho swimmer/athlete. 

The current three-week moratorium on group training may be viewed as a special opportunity to improve your control of your swimming career.  Coaches will provide daily workouts, both swimming and dry land, through team emails.  No Zoom meeting workouts are being presented these three weeks.  Coho coaches expect each swimmer to keep a daily record of training, and bring it to the pool in the form of a journal when we reconvene.  A spiral notebook is a great way to track each season; a Coho Athlete Daily Journal template may be accessed here:

The power of setting clear goals will be reviewed in the near future.  Because of this, each season, Coho athletes are expected to complete a new goal sheet.  Session II begins in December, a couple of weeks from now.  Thank you to swimmers that returned goal sheets to the Coho coaches this week; all Coho swimmers should have a hand-written copy of their goal sheet in the front of their daily journal.  Those goals will provide motivation for future workouts.  The future begins today!  Keep track of your daily work and measure your progress.  Once you establish the habit of keeping a journal, you will forever be able to look back upon your daily successes that were the foundation of your future successes.