IMPORTANT IDPH Tier 3 Mitigations

 Illinois Swimming-

Well, here we are.  Illinois as a state has reached Tier 3 Mitigations.  We are still gathering information and hope to have more updates as time goes on.  Please be patient as this is an ongoing situation.  You can read the entire mitigation plan by clicking here.  Below is a synopsis of what we know now. 

First, as of 12:01am on Friday November 20th all youth sport indoor activities are to be put on hold.  All of our teams should halt their current indoor swim related activities.  

With that being said there are some options for in person and virtual activities.  

*Your clubs could meet in groups of 10, outdoors for workouts or team activities provided everyone wears a mask.   

*Your clubs could run open swims, if your facilities allow it.  If you do run open swims, these activities cannot be run as practices, rather as lap swim opportunities for your athletes.  Pools can be opened at 25% capacity for lap swimming activities, swimmers must reserve their spot and wear a mask to their lane and then put it back on after they swim.   

*Virtual options, we all became well versed with these activities during the spring.  

As I stated earlier we are continuing to gather information and see what opportunities may exist for us.  If you are successful in getting your facility to open for lap swimming purposes please do let me know as it may help in providing a list of facilities to those teams who are working with their own pool situations.  We will continue to share information as it becomes available.  

Thank you and Good Luck 

Jeff Arce

ISI General Chair