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Phase 3 Updates

Hi NTA -

With the movement into Phase 3, a few adjustments are going to be coming in the next 24-48 hours. 

1) We will program as scheduled for Wednesday & Thursday. No changes. 

2) With Phase 3, we do not have access to Loyola at this time beginning Friday at 12:01a. This means no morning Masters workouts on Friday. We will be making adjustments to adjust for missed workouts for other groups over the weekend at our other facilities. (Basically, the Fri/Sat/Sun & beyond schedules are going to change dramatically). 

3) Limitations to in-water & in-person programming will be restricted to 10 person groups. Group coaches will communicate how that will be assigned within practice groups tomorrow afternoon. 

4) In water programming will be open swim workouts only. Coaches will NOT be allowed to conduct formal workouts and will be on hand for supervision only. Workouts will be sent out ahead of time and/or written on a whiteboard. Water Polo will return to non-contact drills and conditioning with lanes intact.  Athletes will need to sign up for in-water space ahead of time. Locker rooms will not be available and athletes will need to arrive & leave on time. Late arrivals will NOT be admitted into the facility. Athletes will need to wear a mask at all times not in the water and will need a ziploc baggie to escort masks to & from lane space. 

5) In-person dryland. Athletes will be assigned to a dryland group for in-person, outdoor programming. It may be initially chilly, so plan on warmer clothing and bringing a towel. MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES. 

More information will be sent out tomorrow regarding schedule & procedure. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.