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Phase Three - Schedule Updates!

 Thank you NTA families for your patience with the Phase 3 protocol roll-out!

As you may have noticed on the schedule already – there is a change in both terminology and implementation.


To comply with IDPH guidelines, we will be moving to a reservation based OPEN SWIM by training group.



Athletes MUST sign up on a first-come, first-serve basis.

In-Water workouts are limited as designated. OLPH (12); JCC (6); Baker (8).

Pool times and space has been allocated according to how to best utilize this time.
Workouts may be added IF additional time becomes available - this will be on both Google AND Sign-Up Genius. 


To Sign-Up:

Please register using the sign-up genius associated with your level/program.  
This can be accessed either through the link in the notes section for the time slot on the calendar or by logging into the main team website and clicking on the new drop-down menu Schedules>>Sign-Up Genius. This menu is only accessible if you log into the website. 

            You may only sign up for one time slot for each practice. If you have multiple athletes in a practice group, please use an additional email address to sign the second athlete up.


Schedule Plans:

We have put up the first three days (Fri-Sat-Sun) for sign up for this weekend.

Next week will be populated no later than Friday night both on Google and on the Sign-Up Genius. These may be adjusted based on how enrollment and/or process goes this weekend.

Our priority for the rest of November will be to allow for in-water programming for all groups.

After the holiday weekend (or perhaps during), we will evaluate where we are at as a state, and if we need to continue in this pattern, we will look to add some private coaching options as well for each group in smaller increments within the context of our allotted open swim time.


Regardless of what phase we are in – we will be gradually integrating dryland & interactive online programming into all programs beginning December 1st and that will be on practice schedules as soon as possible -hopefully a week in advance. Dryland will be offered in person with simulcast zoom – weather-depending.


Practice Environment:

When you log into Signup Genius to register for a time slot, you will see an 9-point list of affirmations that you agree to abide by when you sign up for a slot.

These measures are in tandem with our waivers at the beginning of the season, but also affirm that you take responsibility and ownership for the well-being of your athlete when they are at the facility.

Coaches will be on-deck to supervise a safe setting and will make sure that each athlete is set to swim the workout but will NOT be actively running a workout.

Workouts will be available for download online for all groups by clicking HERE or visiting Schedules>>Downloadable Workouts.  

We will communicate if your athlete is having difficulty with the autonomy of the setting and work with you to create a positive experience.


For December, at this point, will be a hybrid model with the in-water options as we are running and enhanced individualization in the open swim model.

Other billing options include:
Online-only option OR $50 retainer (limit of 2 months for 2020-2021 season). We recommend opting for the online-only option rather than a retainer, as once you have used two retainers, a further adjustment will result in forfeiture of future in-person programming.

These must be communicated to the Business Manager Kristen by 11/30 – [email protected]

If you have any questions - I will be posting a "how-to" sequence of videos on Instagram/Facebook with what you'll need to know to get your athlete into a workout!