PAUSE Options Please Read Carefully -Current Breakers

 Good afternoon,

Well it’s been quite a whirlwind of a week.

We had been so ready to have that meet happen, then be cancelled, doing time trials (where we had 80% best times- and some so close!! these will to be posted in the next day or so.) 

Then,...trying to decipher what we can and cannot do as a swim team, based on MDHHS and within guidelines that affect our team.  Yesterday, I spent ½ day reaching out to other teams across the state and I feel like we have a good plan.It’s important to our coaching staff that we make an effort to have this engagement and connection with our swimmers and coaches. 

First, we always coach by telling what we should/can do.  So I will start there.

We can:

  • Be on the deck on a 1:1 ratio, (unless it’s siblings, up to 2) and offer individual guided instruction.
  • Have the swimmers come swim during lap swim and swim on their own.
  •  Give them swim workouts/training plans and also offer some dryland/fitness challenges, all of which are all optional.

We cannot : provide group instruction, in the water or dryland. 


So here are two options:(Please note: We are NOT taking any new swimmers at this time.)

Option A: CONTINUE WITH YOUR PROGRAMMING….no changes and see last item.

  •  One slot for 1:1 instruction 1x/week –The length of instruction will be based on demand/space etc…-You may choose your time slot but no more than 1 unrelated (same household) swimmer per lane. Siblings may swim in the same lane.
  • Receive supplemental swim workouts based on your child's level that will be something your swimmer can do on their own or with you on the pool deck. These workouts can be done during lap swim but no more than 2 swimmers per lane. (This is not guided programming and if your swimmer is 9 or younger, a guardian who is 16+ has to be present at all times while they are at the facility.)
  • Receive written dryland challenges that are age appropriate/skill based that can be done at home.
  • This starts Monday 23rd


  1. …for the PAUSE-DEC 8th-You will need to contact Kathy via email to do this ASAP
  2. No supplemental programming will be offered
  3. You will retain your spot when we come back full force. (Consider credits due to this scenario)
  4. Remember if you choose to take this option, you must have a current membership to continue to lap swim at either facility.


  1. Go to our website and choose to commit your swimmer to the pool they train at. (Choose Central Pause or WEST Pause)
  2. This CLOSES,tomorrow FRIDAY 20th @ MIDNIGHT.
  3. Once we have commitments, you will receive an email regarding a google sign up and you can select your spots for your swimmer(s). Please note, NO UNRELATED SWIMMERS may swim together.  One pair of siblings will take up ONE SLOT.  We will work with families to try to make it as convenient as possible. 1 swimmer per lane if not related. Please try to have your swimmer choose days they swim -this is primarily for Central.

If you have any questions please reply to this email.

Lastly, we cannot tell you how difficult all this is for our kids who just want to keep something normal in their lives.  We are teaching them to prevail and trying to do the best we can & keeping their spirits up.  By offering this as a solution , we get to see them and continue to build our Breakers family.

Swimmers in my opinion, have had the most challenges, across the state and nationwide,  so I see this as something that will, in the end, make them stronger. 

Thanks to all of you who have stuck by us. 


The Breakers Coaching Staff