Super Scoop with Coach Ray


Dear Super Bronze and Super Squad Families,


Happy Thanksgiving Wahoos! 

            As we close in on our Holiday season, we would like to say how thankful we are to have a such a great team, and a continuing opportunity to increase our skills in the water. We want to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! **The Wahoos will have NO PRACTICE on Thursday NOVEMBER 26th. ** We will resume practices as normally scheduled on Friday November 27th.



·       Please remember that all swimmers must make sure to wear masks entering the building and masks must remain on until they arrive at pool side. Plastic sandwich bags can be supplied at practice in order to keep the masks dry during practice.

·       All swimmers 11& under must be escorted to the pool by a parent/guardian/or adult.

·       Now that it is getting darker earlier. Please, make sure your swimmers are dropped off and picked up curbside. If they need to cross the parking lot, make sure to have them stay on the sidewalks, and utilize the cross walks. It is important to us to keep all swimmers safe at all times.



-        Super Squad has been able to learn quickly and are constantly improving every week! Coach Eric and I have been collaborating on workouts. We are continuing to teach the fundamentals and rules of swimming, but also incorporating pace clock reading and intervals into our workouts. The goal is to increase the yardage and intensity of workouts to keep things exciting, new, and challenging for our young swimmers.

-         Super Bronze has been following closely behind Super Squad in regard to learning quickly and consistent improvement. With the help from Volunteer Coaches/National Team Swimmers, Emily Fox and James LaBant, we have been able to have more eyes on our swimmers. This week, we are continuing work on our breaststroke kick, along with learning breaststroke pull outs. The rate of improvement in the breaststroke has been tremendous over the last two weeks, and we will continue to work together to build strong foundations for all four strokes.



If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns. Please, feel free to reach out to Coach Eric or I at any time!



Coach Ray