Dear Wolves,  

I apologize to send this to the full team but the last time I only selected certain roster groups it didn't work very well and so I need to make sure all the athletes Gold and below get this. 

Something everyone can read, and I assume Sean will go into more detail if needed. We will NOT be getting Cherry Creek High school anytime soon. They have been telling us dates as soon as after Fall Break, they even told us though they were going fully remote, they still had intentions of renting the pool to us. Now that our county is in the red zone for COVID-19, they are putting everything on pause when it comes to the pool rental. 

We are extremely bummed about this, but looking on the bright side, we are happy we can keep going in some capacity. I know these circumstances aren't ideal for anyone, but the emotional and physical benefits it is having for your kids to be able to swim in a time like this, is incredible. This is a really hard time and to be able to have a team and coach that supports them is irreplaceable. We will come out of this stronger and better and I am excited to see how resilient these kids are when they grow up for fighting through this and not giving up! We are so proud of them, making the most of their time right now.

We are hoping for a mild winter and will do the best we can in December for the younger athletes.  The pool temperature has been amazing and has done a great job. We have been using the locker rooms on the colder days. PLEASE make sure to dress warm, wear a parka, have a pair of sandals that can get wet next to the pool for when you get out. PARENTS PLEASE MAKE SURE TO WAIT AT THE POOL OR AT LEAST BE 10 MINUTES EARLY FROM THE GET OUT TIME. We do NOT want to see kids waiting outside wet for their parents to arrive! If needed, we will take some time off in December for weather, but for now plan on having December 24-27th OFF of swim. 

Also, we had a compliant from the Sundance Board of parents speeding through the neighborhood around the 4:30 drop off. Please do not break ANY laws in the neighborhood to get to practice on time. If you are running late, you are running late and that is okay. We need to keep the neighborhood happy with us. 

Lastly, we need to make an adjustment to our schedule next week for Silver and Gold to comply with the new orders. We are hoping Blue and Bronze numbers will be low enough over the holiday break but we will see on Monday if we need to make an adjustment. Please be prepared for a change if necessary Blue and Bronze will not do Dryland but limit the time they swim. We are going to split the groups in half so at practice we can keep the number of kids at 10. On the spread sheet attached there is a GROUP A that is in BLUE and a GROUP B that is in Gray. Here is how we are going to handle next week and potentially moving forward seeing how this goes. 



Group A: 1:30 - 1:50 DRYLAND 1:50- 2:25 SWIM

Group B: 2:05- 2:25 DRYLAND 2:25-3:00 SWIM



Group A: 2:50- 3:10 DRYLAND 3:10-3:50 SWIM

Group B: 3:30-3:50 DRYLAND 3:50-4:30 SWIM 


For Dryland, please make sure to wear warm athletic gear and TENNIS SHOES!! We will be running and doing dynamic warm ups! 


I will be working on a new schedule for Gold and below moving forward taking into account the new parameters. The reality is we have the same amount of time to work with but have to swim more kids. Groups will be seeing less time in the water. It would be nice if we could get silver in at 4PM..... so if I could get feedback from my parent on how possible this is that would be GREATLY appreciated!!


THANK YOU ALL for being apart of our TEAM! I couldn't imagine going through this time without such an amazing group of coaches, kids, and families. WE GOT THIS!