ADOPT A FAMILY - Day 1 Total - $62.50


Let’s finish the year right.

What a year it has been. There have been highs and lows and change and change and more change.

Unfortunately, one of the things that hasn’t changed is the fact that there is need out there. Most / all swim team families still have food on their tables, still pay their mortgage or rent, and are still able to plan fun and enjoyment for their families for the holidays. This wasn’t the case for all families before the pandemic and it certainly isn’t the case now.

The OSHY team has a long history of helping others in need. Hurricane victims, mosquito netting for malaria control, food drives, helping save the WSAC pool, books drives, college scholarships, and aid to cancer survivors families are a few needs that we have helped with over the years. Over the last 20 years I can think of close to $150,000 that we have raised specifically to benefit people other than ourselves.It is one of our proudest legacies. One of the ways we have been able to do this is by harnessing the power of many. Lots of people (many) doing a little makes a big difference.


Simply put, we have a family in need that we would like to adopt this year and make a big difference in their lives. Here is the plan.


  • Between Monday, Nov 23 and Thursday, Dec 17, swimmers pledge a certain amount of money for each practice that they attend.
  • Bring the money each day and there will be a collection jar to put it into. Bringing it everyday is harder than one big chunk once, but an important part of the project. People in need of food or shelter tend to be in continuous need, not one-time need. Bringing something everyday is reminder that the need of others is continuous.
  • Pledge what you can. A quarter a practice, 50 cents a practice, a dollar a practice, two dollars a practice,…
  • In addition to your pledge, ask a parent, a relative, or a friend to pledge something for every practice you attend.

We have between 350-400 practice attendances each week.  Over the course of 3 ½ weeks it is easy to see how we could make a significant difference.

Parents - Share this with your children. Normally we would talk with each practice group about this, but this type of communication is hard on deck these days as we try to keep a safe distance from each other.


I will start us off with $1.00 for each practice I coach, plus a nickel for every swimmer’s practice.