SCAT will return to Phase One Protocols for Practice Please read important upd

SCAT will return to Phase One Protocols for Practice   Please read important updates

For the first time we have had one swimmer test positive for Covid and exhibit symptoms’.  At this time, because we have a shortened week we have cancelled practices for this entire group as a precaution. 

That said, it has made us re-examine our protocols and continue to discuss how the team can continue to move forward.    

We understand safety is of prime concern to all families.  That said, we also understand that there is no fool proof way to mitigate any risk.  Our goal is to have an environment that athletes can still train and compete in limited arenas. 

It sounds harsh to put into words that by just showing up, all participants are at risk, but this is the truth.  

Our Phase One protocol includes:

  • ·       All swimmers must wear a mask entering and exiting the facility and while on deck.   Swimmers will remove their masks upon entry into the pool.  
  • ·        SCAT swimmers will not be allowed to change in the locker rooms.  Locker rooms will be available for bathroom use only.   
  • ·        Swimmers will be required to social distance while in the facility.
  • ·       If a swimmer tests positive for Covid, we will ask this athlete who they have been in close contact* with and notify those individual families.  At this time, we will ask these athletes to receive a negative Covid test to return to practice.   In this way, we will not have to close down an entire practice group.  

·       We will continue to ask that any families that travel to self quarantine upon returning or receive a negative Covid test result. 

We wish all athletes a safe and healthy Thanksgiving,


Denise Sturman on behalf of the SCAT Coaching Staff

*  For swim, close contact would be someone who had close, prolonged exposure for up to 15 minutes on the deck together, such as doing dryland exercises, stretching, or talking.  Chlorine is believed to kill the virus, so actually swimming in a lane will not automatically lead to quarantining.  


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