Winter Swim Team NEWS!!!

Winter Swim Team NEWS!!!

Attached HERE you will find the Group Placement, lane assignments, pricing and schedule for Winter swim team. Winter sessions runs from a week from today Monday 11/30 till Friday March 26th. All spots are taken except the Open Slots listed that are in "Bold". We will continue to try to fill those open slots over the next couple of weeks. There are some changes to the schedule notably Group 4 has been split into a boys group of B&C level swimmers and girls group of just C level swimmers; giving us now 7 groups of the team instead of 6. We worked hard to open up some pool space on Sundays to enable us to move swimmers off of our waitlist. Prices changed in some of those middle groups to reflect what we were able to offer practice wise. 

Also we are excited to welcome Coach Bailey on to Coach Group 4. Bailey has been working for they last few years with our Olympic Way swimmers and was instrumental is helping all those who made the jump from Olympic Way into our USA groups. I will be working closing with Bailey to help our C&B boys mirror what our B girls are doing, and to get them up to the same level technically. 

As the weather has changed all dryland has been moved inside for the winter. Swimmers are to meet Coach Ali by the wooden bench outside the glass window before dryland is to begin, wearing their sneakers. Dryland will take place in one of the three biggest rooms in the J, the Gym, GX Studio or WK the room overlooking the water across from the desk.

Lastly, the meet schedule has been preliminarily set and you can now sign up HERE for meets this season. Notably group 6&7 meets will be moved to Sunday afternoons. We also plan to wait and see for Silvers, Age Groups, or Sectional Level meets for the possibility of sending those swimmers with qualifying times to do them in person, if safe to do so come February / March. We also will soon start planning for our annual Fundraiser Swim A Thon and Virtual Banquet this March! Keep your eye open for more information soon.  

Looking forward to a  Fun & Fast Season!