Wahoos Swim Time Sign Up Instructions


Wahoo Sign up instructions


On Saturday, you will be emailed a Sign up (similar to meet sign up) by Squad level.   You will sign up for swim times under JOB SIGN UP.  Sign ups will not be available till 9 PM on Saturday evening.


You will need to

  • Log into your Team Unify Account
  • Go To Events
  • Click on the event that pertains to your swimmers squad
  • Click on Job Sign up (upper right hand corner)
  • Select the day / time and location you want
  • Click the check box
  • Select SIGN UP button at the top or bottom of the page
  • You will get a box that says Please provide additional contact info ENTER YOUR SWIMMERS NAME IN THAT BOX
  • Click Sign up to save
  • You will see account name with swimmers name in parenthesis
  • An email and text message will be sent 24 hours prior to your reservation.

You are all set!

Sign up Instructions (with photos)

Remember to sign up only for the number of practices allowed per squad per week!   This is in fairness to the entire squad and the number of limited spaces that are available.   IF YOU CANNOT MAKE THE DAY YOU SIGNED UP FOR, PLEASE HAVE THE COURTESY TO CANCEL, SO THAT SOME ONE ELSE WHO MAYBE COULDNT GET IN WILL BE ABLE TO SWIM~


National   4

Senior  3

Junior   3

Gold  3

Maroon   2

Super Squad  1

Super Bronze  1