2021 Season Status

Last Thursday, KISL had a membership meeting to review where we stand for the spring.

At this time, we still have no firm information from UT regarding practice space for 2021.  There is a tentative plan should practice space be approved, but it will be at least after the 1st of the year before get a definative answer from UT.

What we do know:

- There will be no MS swimming this season. Practice space is at a premium and KISL decided that MS is not an option for this year.

- The TISCA state meet is scheduled for 4/23-24 in Knoxville.  Should UT still have the restriction on meets, then it will be a held decentralized and be a virtual meet.

- KISL city meet will be 2 week prior 4/9 - 10. 

- If we do have practice space, it will be a mix of SAC and the Heated outdoor pool.  Teams will be limited to 2 practices a week. 

- Earliest start date would be late January

- We will not be hosting the Ray Bussard Invitational this year, so if we have a season, we will need to do some fundraising.

Additionally, we have a critical need for board members for the Berean team.  Most of the parents that volunteered to be on the Board are parents of MS swimmers.  Please let me know if you are still available to serve.  

In the mean time, I would recommend one of the local non-competitive/competitive teams to keep in shape.  Both Prime and TNAQ have pool time, and I know that both programs are great.  Haddie is in the TNAQ JV program this year and has enjoyed Coach Mallory. This program has been M-Thurs, 7:30-9 in SAC.